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Student Employee Supervisor Forms


To ensure that students are paid correctly and timely, please verify that all information is complete and accurate before submitting authorizations. 

Authorizing Multiple Student Employees

To authorize two or more Student Employees to work in the same department, please click here to download the Batch Student Employment Authorization (excel spreadsheet). Once complete, please email to payroll@washcoll.edu.

Authorizing One Student Employee

To authorize one Student Employee, please complete the form below. When all required fields have been entered, click “submit.” 

Terminating a Student Employee or Ending Payment

To terminate a student employee and/or end payment, complete the Authorization To Terminate Student Employee/Stop Payment.


Student Employee Authorizations

If Rate of Pay is not hourly (i.e. stipend) indicate rate of pay below. For stipends, please specify the pay start and end dates .
If the student is performing special work, receiving a change in rate of pay, or if there is additional information, enter explanation below. Include special certifications or skill sets required to perform advanced duties or assignments.

By clicking the button above you are authorizing that the above information is correct.