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Human Resources

Human Resources Updates

The Office of Human Resources strives to serve the needs of Washington College employees by providing helpful information and effective communications. This page contains a summary of all updates, policy and procedure changes, events and news relating to Washington College employees. 

Memos and Announcements


Faculty Recruitment Guide

Date: November 11, 2014

Annual Performance Reviews 

Date: May 16, 2014

On-Boarding and Exiting Process Changes

Date: April 8, 2014


Policy Updates

On Call Pay Policy

On call policy is supplemental pay provided to non-exempt staff who, during off duty hours, must remain available for duty on short notice. This policy applies to maintenance mechanic group and the rotating on-call responsibly in Buildings and Grounds.

On Call Pay Policy 

Break Time for Breastfeeding Mothers

In recognition of the well documented health advantages of breastfeeding for infants and mothers and in compliance with federal law, Washington College provides a supportive environment to enable breastfeeding employees to express their milk during work hours. This includes a college-wide lactation support program administered by Office of Human Resources. 

Break Time for Breastfeeding Mothers Policy

Safety and Accident Policies and Procedures

10. Vehicle Damage

Washington College is not responsible for damage that may occur to vehicles while parked on campus. This damage includes (but is not limited to) foul ball strikes or objects cast by lawn mowers. Reports of damage can be made with the Public Safety Office, and reports will be given to the vehicle owner upon request.”



May 5, 2014: All Human Resources recruitment and employment forms now have a fill-able version! Employees are able to type directly into the form and save the completed form. If you experience any errors when using these forms, please contact the Office of Human Resources: hr@washcoll.edu.  

May 16, 2014:

New Form: Volunteer Authorization Form

This form is to be used when hiring a new volunteer. Complete all sections and return to the Office of Human Resources. Volunteers must complete the Volunteer Authorization for Background Check form and pass the criminal background check prior to being able to volunteer on campus. Note: Incomplete authorizations will be returned to the Hiring Official. Once a volunteer has passed the criminal background check, the Office of Human Resources will contact the Hiring Official

Confidentiality and College Agreements Form

This form as been updated to include Health Coverage Options, Policies acknowledgement and lines for user to initial each item.

June 11, 2014:

Staff Employment Authorization Form

This form as been updated to include Grad Class and Meal Plan allowances. 



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March 18th, 2016




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  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to improve the health and well being of employees and their dependents through services including information, evaluation, crisis intervention, short-term counseling, and referrals.
  • If there are employees that are no longer working for your department, please complete a Personnel Change Form to terminate their employment.
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