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Handbook and Policy Revisions

As of January 15, 2014 Washington College has transitioned from an Employee Handbook that was printed and issues to employees to a web page which lists all College Policies. Note: The Handbooks and Policies found on this page are archived for informational purposes only, and are no longer valid. Please see the College Policies page for current policies and procedures. 


The Washington College Handbook was created to give employees a reference guide to working at Washington College. The Handbook contained College Policies, procedures, benefits, and important information for new employees. The Handbook was issued to new employees upon the start of their employment.


As of December 2013, most College Policies have been reviewed and revised. To read more about the policy revisions and new policies, please review the College Policy Revisions Powerpoint presented to Faculty and Staff at the Policy Forums on January 9-10, 2014. 

The handbook has been updated approximately every 5 years. Starting in 2014, the College plans to review and revise College Policies on a regular basis.

Stay up to date on Policy changes! 

The Taskforce uses the following criteria to review and revise each policy:

  • Is the policy consistent with federal and state laws?Is the policy consistent with current college practices?
  • Is the policy relevant to the current college programs, procedures and benefits?
  • Does the policy contain errors?
  • Does the policy contain confusing or unnecessary language?
  • Are the figures and data contained in the policy accurate and current?