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College Policies I Technology Purchasing Policy

In order to achieve the best possible and the most cost effective service levels for all college owned and funded software, technology, technology related items, and telecommunications items, all purchases of this type must be made through, and/or vetted by, the Office of Information Technologies (OIT).  This policy is necessary in order for Washington College to adhere to audit requirements of proper inventory and accounting of IT and IT related items. 

This applies to all IT or IT related purchases made with any and all college funds including grant funds.  IT and IT related items must “not” be purchased individually by staff, faculty or departments (with WC corporate credit cards, WC Check Requests or other financial means) or with personal funds expecting reimbursement after the fact.

OIT can provide the best service level when technology purchases are made using the contracted vendors with which there are purchasing agreements and contracts. The Technical Services group’s technicians are trained and certified to perform warranty computer repairs on Lenovo and Apple equipment.

Technology equipment and software can not be purchased outside of the contracted vendor accounts or must be vetted through OIT.  This policy applies to all technology purchases including grant-funded equipment, peripherals and software.

Washington College has a contract with Sprint for college cellular telephones and wireless equipment. Cellular telephones from other vendors will not be supported by OIT. The contract requires the college to use a specified quantity of Sprint cellular telephone equipment. Cellular telephones and services that are purchased outside of the contracted vendor can not be charged to the college or reimbursed personally.  


The purpose of this policy is for purchasing and proper inventory and accounting of technology, technology related items, and telecommunications items for Washington College.  This includes but is not limited to:

ALL Computer Software




Monitors and displays

Computer Battery Backup devices



Hard Drives


Computer mice



Computer Speakers and microphones

Ink and Toner for printers

Cameras – including digital cameras, video cameras, web cameras and camera related accessories

Audio equipment – including speakers, mixers, music & MP3 players, voice recorders and other audio related items


DVD and multimedia players and related items

Gaming Consoles and related items

Telephones and related items

Cellular Phones and accessories

Fax Machines


GPS devices

Network devices

Projectors and related items


Computer Repair Parts


This policy applies to all such purchases made for or by Washington College.

If you are unsure if an item falls under this Technology Purchasing Policy, please call the

OIT Help Desk at extension 7777 or the OIT Acquisitions Department at extension 7290