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Washington College students can download Microsoft Office for FREE!. Log in to https://portal.office.com with your Washington College username and password to download Microsoft Office. Contact the HelpDesk (7777) with any questions. 

More About Discounts

By partnering with other education institutions across the state of Maryland, Washington College is able to offer software discounts usually given only by much larger distributors. There are three discount programs, all under the MEEC (Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium) contract.

  • MEEC/McAfee Contract for Faculty, Staff and Student Computers

    Washington College has a MEEC/McAfee contract to provide a wide range of software products to Washington College faculty and staff computers.

    After completing an annual formula for purchasing McAfee for faculty and staff computers, this contract allows McAfee software installation for all Washington College students.

  • MEEC/Microsoft Contract for Faculty & Staff Computers

    Washington College has a MEEC/Microsoft contract to provide a wide range of software products to Washington College faculty and staff computers.

    One of the terms of this MEEC/Microsoft contract, is that a valid user (member of the faculty or staff) can do a software installation on one home computer, in addition to the installation on their Washington College provided work computer.

    Software purchased under this contract is the property of Washington College. If a faculty or staff member leaves the employment of Washington College, the software should be uninstalled from their personally owned computer.


Purchasing Discounted Software

Faculty, students and staff can purchase software from Microsoft, Adobe, and many others at a discount. Please visit the e-acedemy store for these pruchases. Students, please remember you get Microsoft Office for FREE. Please contact the HelpDesk if you have questions.

Licensed Software

Get access to great software from your own computer without making a purchase. Think of it like borrowing the tools you need.

Available Software

  • Acrobat Professional
  • Dreamweaver
  • Maple
  • Photoshop
  • SPSS
  • More About Licensing

    Licensing works like this: Washington College buys a set number of software licenses for each application offered and then special software manages the number of people accessing a given application. This is often called “keyserving and comes in these forms:


    The KeyServer®, bySassafras Software, Inc., provides license metering, version control, and usage monitoring for software applications available to networked computers. Most new software licenses are KeyServed. Distributing software by controlling the concurrent use of a fixed number of software licenses, provides software availability to more campus users than would otherwise be economically feasible. Before distributing software CDs and licenses of programs which have their licenses controlled by the KeyServer, OIT personnel must ensure that the KeyClient (K2Client, or K2Mobile) is installed on the designated computer.

    Interaction between the network KeyServer and all keyed applications is handled by KeyClient, which must be installed on client computers. Client computers silently log onto the network KeyServer at startup, and users launch their KeyServed applications as usual. The KeyServer checks that the number of current users for that application is below the licensed maximum, before it provides the key to allow the program launch to proceed. When all licenses of a requested application are currently checked out, KeyServer offers to queue the user, and sends notification when a key becomes available. The user does not need to send repeated requests to the KeyServer for the unavailable application. When another user returns a key, it is reserved for five minutes for the next waiting user, who is notified that the application can be launched. KeyServed programs can be configured to run for only a certain time period, or automatically quit if the application is left unused in the background for longer than a specified time

    For Windows computers, the latest K2Client.exe and K2Mobile.exe programs can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.washcoll.edu/Windows/KeyedSoftware/KeyClient/ClientInstallers/. Mac users can download the latest K2Client.sea.bin and K2Mobile.sea.bin programs from ftp://ftp.washcoll.edu/Mac/KeyedSoftware/KeyClient/ClientInstallers/. When the KeyClient installation asks for the location of the KeyServer, use as the IP Address.

    When the KeyClient is installed on computers, KeyServer Version 6.x automatically audits all software installed all campus computers. It also automatically learns and reports the operating system and manufacturer hardware serial number of all computers. The KeyServer administrator can choose what programs to control (key). The administrator can also choose to just monitor the use of designated programs, or choose to have the KeyServer ignore them entirely for control and reporting functions.

    KeyServer also addresses the problem of controlling software on laptop computers, which are often used when disconnected from the network. When the mobile client (K2Mobile) is installed on a laptop computer, the mobile client will allow a keyed program to run when disconnected from the network by using a “Portable” key, then report program usage to the KeyServer when the laptop is reconnected to the network. To use a KeyServer controlled program license when not connected to the network, the user gets a portable key using “KeyCheckout”, which is analogous to checking a book out of a library. To launch and use KeyCheckout, K2 Mobile must be installed on a computer. K2 Mobile is the same as K2Client, except that K2Mobile also installs KeyCheckout. When a Portable license is checked out, the license/program can be launched without any connection the the server/network. The only downside of a license being checked-out, is that that license is not available for use by anyone else while it is checked-out. If the KeyServer administrator were to recall a Portable license before the time period expires, the next time that the network saw the laptop with that portable key, it would take away the Portable key, and the program would not work until the KeyServer reissued a license. While connected to the network launch KeyCheckout by:

    Mac OS X - from the hard drive, go to Library, then KeyAccess/KeyCheckout.app

    Windows XP - to use KeyCheckout, launch KeyCheckout by selecting the Start button, then KeyServer Client/KeyCheckout

    Vista - to use KeyCheckout, select the Start button, then Programs/Sassafras K2/KeyCheckout

    In KeyCheckout, drag the desired license to the hard drive. Specify how long you want to “checkout” the license. Presently most licenses can be checked out for a maximum of 1 year. When the portable license expires, just perform this process again. If you want to return the license earlier,just open KeyCheckout and drag the license from the hard drive back to the server.

    Mac Server

    Mac OS X

    Windows Server


    KeyClient programs, and some KeyServed applications, for Macintosh and Windows computers can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.washcoll.edu/

    For security purposes, software license/registration numbers are not posted onftp://ftp.washcoll.edu/. License/registration numbers, installation CDs (rather than download from ftp://ftp.washcoll.edu/), and installation help can be obtained from the HelpDesk.

    SPSS Sentinel

    SPSS “license activation” strategy, starting with SPSS version 13, does not allow us to control concurrent licensing using the KeyServer. Our 50 concurrent licenses of SPSS Base/Tables/Advanced Models, are for Windows only, and come bundled with their own license manager called Sentinel. Sentinel controls concurrent license usage in a manner similar to KeyServer. When installing SPSS, the networking option is selected, rather than the single user option. The networking installation is then given the address, which is the same address as the KeyServer application.

    Similar to the KeyServer Portable key, SPSS Sentinel also provides a means to launch SPSS when not connected to the network, and is the “Commuter License”. To use the SPSS Commuter license in Windows XP or Vista:

    Select the Start button, then All Programs/SPSS/Commuter License.

    Highlight the license, change the “Duration Days” to the desired period (presently 7 is the maximum number of days permitted by SPSS), then click onto the “Check Out” button


    Maple FLEXlm

    Maple “license activation” strategy, starting with version 10, does not allow us to control concurrent licensing using the KeyServer. Our 50 concurrent Maple licenses are available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux installations, and come bundled with their own license manager called FLEXlm. FLEXlm controls concurrent license usage in a manner similar to KeyServer. When installing Maple, the networking option is selected, rather than the single user option. The networking installation is then given the address, which is the same address as the KeyServer application.

Standard Load

The HelpDesk installs a collection of software on computers across campus that includes tools commonly used at Washington College. This base of applications is known as the “standard load.” The faculty and computing facilities standard loads are:



Request Software & Training

Washington College faculty and staff should review the Technology Purchasing Policy before requesting software.

If you would like more help with any piece of software listed above, consult the Training Page or contact Sharon Sledge to arrange for training.