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Health & Counseling Services

Attention New Students: Packets will be mailed to our new Fall 2014 students in April.  These completed forms will be due on or before July 15, 2014.

The Student Health Service is an on-campus clinic which provides medical and counseling services to full time students. All students are required to complete a health questionnaire, have a physical exam, and meet immunization requirements before their enrollment at Washington College. Physical exams must be completed within the 6 month period prior to the due date. Required immunizations are listed on the Health Form

Accessible Emergency Information

Pres. Obama and VP Biden on Bullying 

DVDs Available to Borrow

1. Playing the Game 2 (Date Rape)
2. I Never Thought It Was Rape
3. Speak Out & Stand Up - Rasing awareness About Sexual Assault
4. Spitting Game - The College Hook-Up Culture
5. STDs

Student Health and Wellness information



Our Top 3 Questions

  • Is there a charge for Plan B (the morning after pill)?

    There are no charges associated with Plan B.

  • Is there a charge for my visit to health services?

    There is no charge for the visit, but you may have charges associated with certain lab tests and medications. You may request our providers write a prescription for you to take to a local pharmacy.

  • I am a domestic student with private health insurance,do I have to purchase the college health plan?

    No, but you are required to fill out the online waiver each year you attend, to avoid being charged the $1200.00 and provide  us with a copy of your current health insurance card.

    All international students are required to purchase the collegge health insurance plan.