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Melbourne: Monash University

The Washington College in Australia Program is a Tuition Only Exchange Program at Monash University (MU).

Monash University was established in 1961 and has become the largest and most international of all Australian universities. Located primarily in the city of Melbourne in the region of Victoria, the location provides an excellent opportunity for travel around Australia. Its six campuses, with an enrollment of over 40,000 students, are situated throughout the Victoria province. Most of the campuses are located in and around Melbourne, although the Peninsular campus is situated by the sea. Each campus offers excellent student recreational facilities and the highest educational standards. The university’s overall size allows for a vast breadth of course offerings.


Classes will be taught by MU faculty members. Student advising is done by the Education Abroad Office.


All well-qualified second semester sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply for the exchange program with MU. This program is open to students in all majors. Students should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Must have a 3.0 GPA or above.
  • Strong academic record.
  • Evidence of good character, maturity, and motivation.
  • Ability and willingness to adapt to a foreign environment.

The cost of international travel between the United States and Australia, housing costs, meal costs, local transportation while in Australia, health insurance, book costs, student government fees, extracurricular activities, expenses while MU is not in session, and personal expenses are the responsibility of the student applicant unless other arrangements have been made.

Students should make an appointment to speak to the Director of Student Financial Aid to discuss the financial aspects of the program they plan to attend.

Living Arrangements

The cost of housing and meals is the responsibility of the student. The International Office at Monash will provide instructions on applying for housing.  

The university has Halls of Residence at Clayton and Gippsland and rented rooms and apartments in the communities surrounding all campuses. Halls of Residence at Clayton also service students at Caulfield campus.

Rooms at Clayton are single occupancy with shared bathroom facilities. Limited cooking facilities are available. Linen is changed weekly. Rooms at Gippsland are clustered around common living areas. Some rooms are equipped with telephones. On both campuses tutors provide academic and personal support.


Monash offers a full curriculum with many of the same majors and minors as Washington College.

Approximate Semester Dates

  • Fall Semester: mid-July to mid-November.
  • Spring Semester: late-February to late-June.