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Application Process

Application process for semester and academic year study abroad

The application cycle for Fall 2014 and/or Spring 2015 study abroad is now closed.    

Washington College Application: Washington College has a two-tiered application process for semester and academic year study abroad.

1. Students first complete a Washington College Application.  This ensures that applicants have the necessary qualifications for the institution to which they are applying, and that they are not on academic or disciplinary probation at the time of application or when they will be abroad.  Approval by Washington College to apply to a host institution is a very strong endorsement to the host institution/partner program.  A completed Washington College Application includes:

  1. - Complete the On-line Application via Qualtrics.  Please download the instructions to ensure you have the necessary information to complete the on-line application.  This should take 20-30 minutes.
  2. - Click here for the Health and Wellness Information form
  3. - Two letters of recommendation written by your professors.  Students, please click here to download the instructions on requesting a letter of recommendation form.  Faculty and staff writing letters of recommendation can click here to download the procedures for writing and submitting study abroad recommendation letters.    
  4. - A $200 deposit.  This deposit goes towards the $890 off-campus study fee charged by the College towards the administration of your overseas studies.  You can pay by check or credit card in the Business Office.
  5. - An Official Transcript which can be requested through the Registrar’s Office.  You can request a transcript on-line. Please have the transcript sent to the Global Education Office.
  6. An official passport sized photo; taken professionally; no larger than 2 inches x 2 inches. You can purchase these locally at Walgreen’s.  Additional passport photos will be requested by your host institution.  
Once a Washington College Study Abroad application is completed, the Global Education Office reviews all applications.  Students are encouraged to list a first and second choice institution as not all students will be approved to their first choice institution. 


2. Host Institution Application: Students then complete an application to their future host institution. The host applications are posted on a secure Canvas site available to students once they have been approved to study abroad by Washington College. 

  • Components from the Washington College application (i.e. transcript and letters of recommendation) are used in the host institution application to ensure that there is not duplicate work.   The host applications are posted on a secure Canvas site available to students once they have been approved to study abroad. 
  • Please note: If your host university requires a “passport sized photo” please get an official passport photo taken at Walgreen’s. the USPS Store, Walmart, or other store that does passport photos.
Basic Requirements

1. GPA Requirements: Students must meet the GPA requirement of the host institution.  Most institutions require a 3.0 GPA. 

  • St. Andrews University in Scotland requires a 3.2 GPA. 
  • Royal Holloway in England requires a GPA of 3.2 for English majors and 3.0 for other departments. 
  • University College Cork in Ireland and ABS in France will review applicants with a GPA of 2.8. 
  • Bond University will review applicants with a 2.5 GPA. 

Students with a GPA below the host institutions’ requirements, but above a 2.0, are encouraged to study on a faculty-led study abroad program or outside summer program.    

2. Language Requirements: If the language of instruction at the host university is not English, students are advised to meet with faculty in the Modern Language Department to discuss their preparedness to study in the language of instruction. 

  • Spanish, French, and German speaking universities typically require a 300-level language proficiency. 
  • Study at Meiji Gakuin in Japan requires one year of college-level Japanese. 
  • Please note that study in Brazil, Denmark, Hong Kong Morocco, South Korea, and Turkey is in English.  Non-native English speakers studying abroad at an institution where English is the language of instruction must provide TOEFL scores during the application process.

3. Class standing: Students are eligible to study abroad their third semester as a Washington College student.  For students without transfer credit this is the second semester of their sophomore year.  Transfer students should meet with the Director of the Global Education Office and their academic advisor to discuss study abroad opportunities.   

4. Applicants cannot be on probation: Study abroad applicants on disciplinary and/or academic probation must meet with the Director of the Global Education Office and the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.  Approval to study when on disciplinary and/or academic probation is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed.    

Please note: For short-term programs sponsored by Washington College faculty, please meet with the faculty leader of the program.  For non-Washington College summer programs, please meet with the GEO Director.