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College Relations & Marketing

We tell the stories of Washington College.

Our office produces print and Web publications for admissions, development, and the president’s office as well as the Washington College Magazine, and other general communications and publicity support for programming and events. We oversee the official campus social media outlets and capture campus stories on photo and video.


LiveWhale Tips

  • Thumbnail Only

    imageIf you don’t want the thumbnail image to show up when your audience is viewing your full story, you can check the “Use this image for a thumbnail only” option. (For example, if your story is mainly to display a video, and you want the thumbnail to be a screen capture from the video, you don’t need that for more than the thumbnail.)

  • Create a Link

    You can use the link tool (image) to link to other pages, outside urls, email addresses and files in your file library?


  • Bulk Add Images

    If you have a bunch of images you want to upload, you can add them all at once with the bulk image uploader. If you’re creating a new gallery, this is the option that comes up when you click on Add New Images From Your Computer. You can also bulk add images in your Images Library Manager. 



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    Michael O’Connor
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    Marcia Landskroener M’02
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    Megan Obarowski
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    Graylin Hughes