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Washington College to Wall Street


Washington College to Wall Street Program Overview

The Washington College to Wall Street Program introduces talented and committed students to our strong network of alumni, parents and friends working in financial services.  The program helps identify and create new internship opportunities and assists students who want to pursue careers in business or the financial sector.

1. The Center for Career Development and faculty work together to identify students to participate, with an emphasis on matriculating juniors. We aim to have 15 students in the program each year.

2. These students will be trained on campus to succeed on in financial services internships and jobs.

3. Selected students will travel to New York each fall semester for a 1 or 2-day trip meeting with key Wall Street alumni, parents and recruiters.

4. Students will then apply to internships for the summer after their junior year.

5. Over time, we would like to add key curricular components including dedicated courses, for-credit internships and research options for faculty.

About the Program

The first component entails on-campus meetings, including regular group meetings, alumni panels, mock interviews, and online tutorials to help prepare students for Wall Street internship interviews.  As part of these meetings, students will have the opportunity to complete the specialized Training the Street financial workshop.

During the second phase, students visit Wall Street in New York City. Here, the Wall Street team of staff and faculty introduce  students to alumni working in the financial market and visit key financial institutions operating on or near Wall Street. The program concludes with students applying to, and accepting, internships offered from finance or other business firms.

Washington College to Wall Street - January 24, 2013
On January 24, 2013, the Center for Career Development traveled to New York City with 9 undergraduate students taking part in the Washington College to Wall Street program.  This year, we were able to visit 2 alumni at Dow Jones/News Corp, Nick Mikhalevsky ’04 and Joe Koskuba ’94 for a tour and information on the Wall Street Journal publication, specifically.  

Later, we met with future WC parent, Don Chapman, at NativeOne Trading, LLC.  Don’s colleagues further provided our students with a tour of the New York Stock Exchange floor, where we learned, first-hand, of all the technological advancements being made in trading on the Exchange.
The Inaugural Trip

In November 2011, students toured the trading room floor and observed after-hours trading from “the deck” of Bank of America/Merrill Lynch in New York.  After the tour, students networked with employees of the company, hearing of their experiences with Bank of America/Merrill Lynch and the finance sector in general. Host John Semrai, Chris Davis ’07, John Harty ’92, Brian Dorst ’97 and Brandon Righi ’07 sat down with our students for a very candid conversation on what it takes to work in finance.  On day 2, students visited Morgan Stanley, followed by a lunch with alumni.  We are especially thankful to our main hosts, John Semrai ’00, Carl Nordberg ’98 and Zung Nguyen ’77.

The alumni all shared with students that although excellent grades in business courses are nice to see on a resume, they are looking for characteristics such as:

  • Personal Integrity
  • Strong interpersonal relationship skills
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skillls
  • Excellent  communication skills
  • Resilience