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Career Expo 2014

Fall Career Expo 2014

Thanks for making this year’s Expo a success! Join us next year!

Companies/Schools Who Attended the Fall 2014 Career Expo 

Benchworks* (Marketing, Design, Business)
Best Buddies Maryland (Psychological/Education)
The Board of Childcare* (Various, Education)
Brown Advisory Group (Finance/Business)
Center for Environment & Society* (Environmental/Education)
CISabroad* (Various)
Crossroads Community Inc. (Psychology/Human Services)
Easter Seals Camp Fairlee* (Psychology/Fine Arts/Nursing/Social Services)
Easton Police (Various)
Enterprise Rent-A-Car* (Business)
Hallaton, Inc.* (Environmental/Business/Various)
Kaplan Testing (GRE/MCAT/LSAT)
Kent Center, Inc.* (Psychology/Social Work/Education/Nursing)
Nextiva (All Majors)
NorthBay* (Education/Environmental) 
Peace Corps (Various)
People’s Place* (Human Services)
Phillips Wharf Environmental Center* (Biology/Environmental Science)
Smartlink, LLC* (Finance, IT, HR, Sales, Operations)
Teach for America (Various/Education)
Trellis Services, Inc. (Psychology, Education)
T. Rowe Price* (Various)
Under Armour* (Business/ Comp. Sci/Law/Design)
Verizon Wireless (Various-Sales)


* Offers internships