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Offices & Services

Business Office

Student Services

The Business Office is responsible for processing billing statements and posting payments for student accounts. Student account billing statements are available online via WebAdvisor.

Student accounts are generally due three weeks before the beginning of the semester.  See Payment Options.

No Cash Required

Students can use their College ID card to manage on-campus spending; you can replenish funds via ManageMyID.com. The site provides information about account balances and spending history, while allowing a student (or parent/guardian) to add money to the College ID card using a credit card.

Financial Responsibility

All students are required to complete a Financial Responsibility Form agreement, found on the Student Web Advisor account under the Financial Information heading. This agreement must be completed prior to being eligible to register for classes.

Transferring Funds

The Credit Balance Transfer Authorization Form authorizes the Business Office to transfer a credit balance from the Student Account to the Student ID card for use in the ManageMyID debit card system. This includes “Pending Financial Aid.” MS Word | PDF

Tuition Refund Insurance 

Optional Tuition Refund Insurance is available through DeWar Insurance. All students will be billed each semester for tuition refund insurance, unless the student is receiving tuition waiver. You may opt out of the plan by contacting wac_trp@washcoll.edu. Please be sure to include the student’s name and student ID number in your email. PDF