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Business Office

The Washington College Business Office provides financial services for members of the College community, including student accounts, employee compensation, and accounts payable.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Due to the fire at Washington College, payments are now being accepted at the Cashier’s Office in the basement of Bunting Hall in addition to online.  If you are on campus and need personal assistance with a student’s account, please visit Debbie Bergen in the Financial Aid Office on the third floor of the Casey Academic Center.  All other Business Office functions are located in the skybox of the Kirby Stadium.


Student Tuition and Fees

Attention Parents: This is where you’ll find the complete guide to tuition and fees, including deadlines, meal plans, and course fees.

Our online services include:


Payment due date for fall 2015 is Monday August 3, 2015.

A $200 late payment fee will be added to any account with an Amount Due in excess of $2,000 after the due date.



For foreign honorariums, click here.

To view Form 990 and audited financial statements, click here.





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