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Academic Skills

Disability Documentation

In order to receive reasonable accommodations, auxiliary aids, and services at the post-secondary level, students must provide current, supporting documentation.

Disability documentation must provide (1) objective evaluative information; (2) an interpretation of the evaluation results; (3) include statements identifying the area of disability; (4) provide evidence of the disability’s impact on a major life activity(ies); and (5) suggest recommendations for accommodations.

The documentation must come from a licensed or otherwise properly credentialed professional who (1) is qualified/ certified to evaluate and diagnose the disability; (2) is familiar with the challenges and functional requirements of a college environment; and (3) is an impartial party who is not  a family member nor in a dual relationship with the student.

Policies regarding disability documentation are consistent with 504/ADA laws and the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) best practices principles. 





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