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Academic Skills


Accommodations for students with documented disabilities will be tailored to meet the student’s individual needs.

In order to ensure appropriate and reasonable accommodations, students should visit the Office of Academic Skills (OAS) to meet with the Director during the first or second week of each semester. During this meeting the Director and student will review the necessary academic needs and accommodations for each course for the semester. The result of this meeting will be the “Accommodation Letter to the Professor,” a letter that aids the student and professor in the discussion of her/his academic accommodations. Some accommodations, such as audio textbooks or other assistive technologies, could take longer to arrange so the student should request these during the semester before they are needed. 

Accommodation Guidelines for Students with Learning Differences

Disability Disclosure Form


Specific questions and concerns regarding accommodations should be directed to Andrea Vassar at 410-778-7883 or avassar2@washcoll.edu.  

For more information,  or call us at 410-778-7883.