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The latest news and event releases from the Office of Media Relations.

  • Event—October 7

    The Literary House Press asked 100 contemporary poets to react to tiny vials of fragrance selected just for them. The results are published in The Book of Scented Things, being launched Oct. 7 with a festive reading.
  • Event—October 2

    The author of poetry and lyric nonfiction will read from her work Oct. 2 as part of the Living Writers Series.
  • Event—October 2

    Directed by professor Brendon Fox, the “tight, tense” play about a shaky marriage and a best friend will be staged October 2-5.
  • Event—September 30

    An author of the influential “Economic Freedom of the World” report for 2014 will offer a sneak preview of this year’s findings when he visits campus September 30.
  • Event—September 28

    In a family-friendly concert Sept. 28, pianists Grace Kim and Hanchien Lee will bring Saint-Saëns’s whimsical Carnival of the Animals and works by fellow French composers Poulenc and Ravel to the Decker stage.
  • Event—September 26

    As part of Chestertown’s first ever Harry Potter Festival, Sept. 26, history professor Janet Sorrentino will explore how Renaissance themes such as alchemy and herbalogy helped J.K. Rowling create the classroom experience at Hogwarts.
  • Event—September 25

    The top chaplain of the Maryland National Guard speaks about his role, and the impact of religion on the modern U.S. Armed Forces.
  • Event—September 23

    Actor Bob Weick brings the German philosopher back to life on stage to defend the ideals of his Communist Manifesto and rail against injustice. The one-man show takes place Sept. 23 at 7 p.m. in Decker Theatre.
  • Event—September 22

    Larry Hogan, the Republican nominee for the governor’s office, will speak September 22 in Hynson Lounge. His visit is sponsored by the College Republicans and the Department of Political Science.
  • Event—September 20

    The Center for Environment & Society brings the Chester River Waterfront Festival back to Wilmer Park September 20 with the zany cardboard boat race and plenty of family fun.
  • Event—September 19

    Wildlife photographer and author Joel Sartore will share his National Geographic experience and his advocacy for biodiversity when he visits the College Sept. 19 during Fall Family Weekend.
  • News posted—September 18

    Embarking on a three-year project, Washington College ecologists team up with a Florida organization to help strengthen the population of northern bobwhite quail on the Eastern Shore by releasing more than 100 young birds at Chino Farms. 

  • News posted—September 17

    Ken Burns’s recent series on the Roosevelts for PBS inspired us to look back at some historical highlights of our own.
  • Event—September 16

    Acclaimed poet and memoirist Mark Doty will share his work Tuesday, September 16 at the Literary House.
  • Event—September 15

    Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Gregory Petsko, an expert advocate for more research into the cause and cure of ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases, will speak Sept. 15 in Hynson Lounge.
  • Event—September 11

    Speaking September 11, Dr. Steven Wolin will explore how individuals and societies struggle to forgive those who have done them wrong.
  • Event—September 10

    The director of the Map of Early Modern London project, Janelle Jenstad, visits Sept. 10 to explain how she puts the Bard’s characters in their proper place.
  • Event—September 4

    The Starr Center’s newest Patrick Henry Scholar brings big-picture perspective to understanding the Native Americans of the Chesapeake and the massacre at Jamestown. He will share his insights in a free lecture Sept. 4.
  • Event—September 4

    The Kohl Gallery opens for the season Sept. 4 with an exhibition of the functional art of Vicco von Voss ’91.
  • Event—September 3

    Michael Correia, director of government relations for the National Cannabis Industry Association, will speak Wednesday evening, September 3, on resolving the state-federal divide on legalization.
  • Event—August 20

    A free outdoor concert by the U.S. Navy’s “Electric Brigade” on Sept. 4 opens a new season of music at Washington College. Also this month: Latin Lazz with the Marty Knepp Trio (Sept. 5) and pianists Grace Kim and Hanchien Lee (Sept. 28).

  • Event—August 19

    Just over a year after graduating from Washington College, Tyler Brice ’13 is loving his new job as a rescue technician for the Maryland State Police’s Aviation Command.

  • News posted—August 15

    Four new visiting artists and the return of inaugural year favorites Ruppert and Jeremijenko promise a lively year of experimentation and discovery. Also on tap, an evening of art videos and a “Sandstorm” of math and light.
  • Event—August 12

    Instructing ninth- and tenth-graders in English and reading on the Pacific island of Kosrae, Jesse Speth ’13 is learning as much as he is teaching.


  • Event—August 12

    By replacing an overwhelmed storm drain with a newly created native habitat, WAC groundskeeper and biology student Chris Rainer just made the campus a little greener.

  • News posted—August 4

    Richard Holstein ’68 hopes his gift will make Washington College’s focus on ethics “even more extraordinary,” and greatly increase “the contributions of Washington College graduates to humanity.”
  • Event—July 30

    In research published in a professional journal and summarized in a British blog, political science professor Melissa Deckman probes the nuances of voter attitudes about abortion, the birth-control mandate and the alleged GOP “War on Women.”
  • Event—July 28

    Traveling to ancient places in the Navajo Nation as part of Washington College’s Southwest Seminar, Rachel Brown ’16 is studying how losing and reclaiming a language influences a culture and its people. 

  • Event—July 24

    A new book by Professor Ken Miller explores how life next to thousands of British and Hessian prisoners of war helped transform a Revolutionary community’s sense of self and country.

  • Event—July 22

    Jehanne Dubrow, Julie Enszer, Benjamin Lowekron, Erika Meitner, Mira Rosenthal, Jason Schneiderman, and Yerra Sugarman will read Tuesday, July 22, for the final Summer Poetry Salon of the season.

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