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Todd Cooley ’15

Admissions Counselor

To be at Washington College is to be limitless. It’s about not just saying “I want”, but saying “I can”. It’s about discovery, both in your studies and of yourself. And it’s about being a part of a community which will learn with you, grow with you, and stay with you for years to come. 


When I started as a first year student at Washington, I knew I wanted to study English literature, perhaps act in a play or two, and hopefully be a part of some musical groups. However, I quickly learned that I was able to do all of that and more. Through the awesome people at the Rose O’ Neill Literary house, I was able to meet with internationally recognized writers and get to know them as amazing people. I was able to see incredible productions of plays and musicals, and even take part in some of them. And I was able to join a much-loved a capella group on campus: WACappella. 

But my experiences didn’t end there. Throughout my four years here, I was able to work in Admissions, Student Affairs, and The Writing Center. I was able retain my passion of English literature, but combine it with newly found interests in environmental studies, anthropology, and even computer science. I became a more articulate, knowledgeable, and worldly version of myself, and was able to become a part of and contribute to a community that I would grow to love. I graduated Washington College in May 2015, with a BA in English, a host of new friends, and a pocketful of memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world. 

So, why Washington College? Because I could, and you can too. 

Undergraduate Highlights

  • Major: English
  • Minors: Music and Creative Writing
  • Student Ambassador 
  • Peer Mentor
  • Writing Center Consultant 
  • Musical Director for WACappella

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