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Ian Flinn

Class of 2016
Major/Minor: Psychology, Clinical Counseling / Business Management/ Secondary Education

Campus Involvement
  • Men’s Rowing Team
  • Student Athlete Mentor
  • Owner of Small Business (www.ianflinn.com)
  • Peer Mentor Leader

Q & A

High School: Bishop Eustace Prep School

Hometown: Marlton, NJ

Recommended Class/Professor: Acting 1 Polly Sommerfeld 

What does WAC mean to you ?

WAC to me has come to mean more then just an abbreviation of Washington College. It means family, I have learned to not only have relationships with students, professors, and faculty but to form long lasting ones that will go beyond college.

A professor at WAC that has impacted you and why:

Dr. Krochmal has had a very positive influence on me. I took his general biology class(BIO 111,112). I was very intimidated by biology and have always struggled with it however Dr. K helped me with learning better study skills that I now use in all my classes. He also made the material current and enjoyable! 

Why did you choose your major? 

I have always been interested in working with children. I  like to have a positive influence in helping children grow and learn.

Favorite Chestertown Hangout:

Truslow Boathouse

Favorite thing to order at the Cove:

Chicken Quesadilla from Martha’s Kitchen

Favorite Quote:

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” John C. Maxwell

Favorite way to procrastinate

Being a magician fiddling around with cards is the most efficient way for me to procrastinate.

What are you doing this summer?

This summer I will be taking the role of director of activities for a local day camp and performing magic shows all over the east coast!