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Lauren Tucker

Class of 2013
Major: History
Minor: Drama


Hometown: Lusby, Maryland

High School: Patuxent High School

Department Involvement: Lighting Designer for numerous shows, Board Op for a few. Dedicated patron otherwise!

Favorite Aspect of the Drama Department: That I don’t have to be a Drama major to get to do all of the cool stuff I love to do!

Favorite Drama Department Course Offering: Theatre Tech. Surprised?

Favorite Play: Waiting for Godot, or Death of a Salesman.

Favorite Musical: RENT. No contest.

Favorite Movie: Alice in Wonderland, or any of the Harry Potter movies.

Favorite TV Show: NCIS! Also a very big fan of FRIENDS, though it is no longer on air, and of the Big Bang Theory.

Fun Fact: I drink a cup of hot chocolate every day. Not always at the same time, but at least one a day.

After Graduation Goals: Law School in Baltimore! Huzzah!