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Business Management

Dwight Wilcox

Portfolio focus: Energy. The industry is extremely competitive with the ever-demanding need for more efficient and available energy sources more prevalent than ever. From wind turbines to deep-water rigs, companies are competing for the best way to provide the people with an affordable and accessible energy product. The recent developments in shale oil have made energy a key presence in our portfolio. By focusing on piping and equipment rather than the commodities themselves, we have developed a more consistent industry strategy.

Key information source: Wall Street Journal. Regularly reading the Journal has allowed me to understand how everything really affects everyday life. We often watch the news and think about the consequences of events but reading about them in the Wall Street Journal really explains and I can really understand how connected the world really is.

Biggest challenge: Getting comfortable with terminology. As soon as this happens, everything becomes much easier to understand.

Career goal: To use my interests in management, economics, and investing to ultimately own and operate my own successful company.

Advice for prospective members: Get a student subscription or a copy from Daly Hall and read the Wall Street Journal, watch the news, and think outside of the box. A finance background isn’t necessary to do well in finance and every viewpoint is valuable. Take advantage of your many opportunities.