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Rachel Dilliplane

Class of 2015
Major: Drama and Behavioral Neuroscience
Minor: Business Management

Hometown: Yardley, Pennsylvania

High School: Pennsbury High School

Department Involvement: The Last Five Years (props) War Stories, Historian for Independent Playhouse

Favorite Aspect of the Drama Department: We are a giant family reunion. We are loud and funny and a wee bit crazy. We drive each other nuts and we all need each other. It’s impossible to do anything completely by yourself and you’d be crazy to try. 

Favorite Drama Department Course Offering: Theater Tech

Favorite Play: A Life in the Theater

Favorite Musical: Next to Normal

Favorite Movie: When Harry Met Sally

Favorite TV Show: FRIENDS

Fun Fact: I will do absolutely anything for one of my Mom’s reuben sandwiches. 

After Graduation Goals: something worth bragging about (at least a little)