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Business Management

Michael Festa

Portfolio Focus: Telecommunications Technology

With rapid technological change and fierce competition for customers, telecommunications is one of the most dynamic industries in our economy.  American telecom firms like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint have seen substantial growth even in this slow-moving economy; overall, telecom is one of the only industries that has made significant improvements through the recent recession. Analyzing investment opportunities in this industry should be a fun challenge!

Key Information Source: I read the Wall Street Journal every morning to stay up on current events and read The Economist to learn about recent economic trends and issues.

 Biggest Challenge: This is a new opportunity to do hands-on investing. Connecting my formal education to real-world investing will definitely have its challenges.

Career Goal: Turn my interests in economics, finance, and politics into a rewarding career in investment banking or venture capital.

Advice for prospective members: Apply! Don’t let the fact that you don’t have any formal training or knowledge of finance stop you from applying. This is an opportunity that not many college students get. Take advantage of it!