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Zachary Weidner

Class of 2014
Major: Drama and Music


Hometown: Easton, Pennsylvania

High School: Wilson Area High School

Department Involvement: House Manager, Actor

Favorite Aspect of the Drama Department: The very close bonds between students and faculty.

Favorite Drama Department Course Offering: Directing I - it challenged me thoroughly in assignments I never knew I’d love doing.

Favorite Play: Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller.

Favorite Musical: Then musical is between 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee by Finn/Scheinkin and In The Heights by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Favorite Movie: A Hard Day’s Night

Favorite TV Show: Dexter

Fun Fact: I am named after the character played by Richard Harris in the film Man in the Wilderness.

After Graduation Goals: All the cliche stuff: see the world as best I can, meet loads of different people, and learn something new every day. As the character Marie says in Sunday in the Park with George, “There are only two worthwhile things to leave behind when you depart this world of ours: children and art.” So, I guess those things.