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Peter Knox

An apartment in New York City and a job working with books at a top publishing firm? It’s an English major’s dream and, for Peter Knox ‘06, it’s life.

At Washington College, Peter wrote for The Elm and The Collegian, which he edited during his senior year.

He got his first taste of the city and the publishing industry after graduation with the six-week Columbia Publishing Course, which gave him the knowledge and contacts to land a job at John Wiley & Sons, the publishing house responsible for the Frommer’s, CliffNotes, and for Dummies imprints.

“There are many positions within book publishing—editorial, production, sales, development, publicity, creative, advertising, design, rights, etc. —but as a marketing assistant I work with each of those departments and still find it amazing just how much happens between someone putting words to print and you picking up a finished product at your local bookstore,” he writes.

After a year with the company, Peter was promoted to Senior Marketing Assistant. As of 2009, he works as the Assistant Marketing Manager in the business books group.

“What I like about book marketing is the variety and excitement involved in building interest and drawing attention to an array of books,” Peter writes. “Every book is special in its own way and the challenge in my job is helping the right audience connect with the right book.”

He credits his experiences at Washington College and in the Columbia Publishing Course with his success: “Without the broad range of experience, education and support I received at Washington College (from the professors steering me towards the publishing programs to the career counselors refining my resume), I am certain that I would not be where I am today—happy and satisfied in both my personal and professional life.”

Peter returned to Chestertown to participate in a panel discussion about careers in the media.

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