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Trap and Skeet

Elizabeth Loiselle

Class of 2015
Major/Minor: International Relations & Hispanic Studies / Economics & Latin American Studies

As an undergrad at Washington College, I was a double major in International Relations and Hispanic Studies with a minor in Economics and concentration in Latin American Studies.

WAC gave me a lot opportunities that I am grateful for – I was able to do three internships, study abroad and conduct a research project in South America to supplement my two senior theses, which was an incredible experience for me. Not only did I enjoy my courses and professors, but I was truly challenged and I became a much better student and worker because of it (big shout out to Dr. Wade for pushing my ideas for my thesis!).

In result of all of the opportunities I was able to be involved in, I graduated Washington College a semester early in December 2014. After graduation, I moved home to Atlanta, GA while job searching and took part in a Harvard Business School online program (called HBX Core – Business, Economics and Accounting) for 4 months.

Soon after, I was hired at Blackbaud, a software company that works with nonprofits, as a consultant. I began my career in Washington DC and in August 2015 moved to Austin, TX. My job has allowed me to travel to places I never expected to, which is part of the reason why I enjoy it. I also love it because I get to meet a lot of new people and solve problems with creativity on a daily basis.

I plan on getting my Masters within the next few years and hopefully move forward in my career at Blackbaud.

Campus Involvement

Douglass Cater Society of Junior Fellows

Omicron Delta Kappa

Omicron Delta Epsilon

Phi Beta Kappa

Sigma Delta Pi

Study Abroad: Cuba