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Evan Leary

Class of 2015
Major/Minor: Major: Economics | Minor: Political Science

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Evan S. Leary is completing his final year at Washington College studying towards a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics with a minor in Political Science. In September 2015, he will commence studying towards a Master of Science (MSc) in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management at Imperial College London. In addition to his studies, he is the Founder and Director of Eastern Endeavors. Eastern Endeavors offers business and internet development services to companies, increasing their community exposure through creative branded marketing and eCommerce strategies. During Evan’s undergraduate career, he traveled through 17 countries to expand and pursue his interests in global business and entrepreneurship. He enjoys scuba diving, skiing, and fitness training during his free time.

International Experiences:

World Trade Centre Dublin:
Summer 2012, International Trade and Marketing Associate
Dublin, Ireland

University of St Andrews:
Spring 2013, Economics and Business Management Student
St. Andrews, Scotland

The London School of Economics and Political Science:
Fall 2013, Associate Student, from Association with the Hansard Scholars Programme
London, England

United Kingdom House of Lords:
Fall 2013, Parliamentary Research Assistant
Palace of Westminster, London, England

Doha Bank:
Summer 2014, Global Finance Trainee
Doha, Qatar

Dissertations completed while abroad:

The United Kingdom’s Pound Sterling and the Euro
January 2013 – June 2013
A thesis examining the rationale behind the United Kingdom remaining on the Pound Sterling and associated implications.

Severely Bullied Children: An Approach to Reducing a Concerning Trend
October 2013 – December 2013
A dissertation examining existing, developing, and potential future legislation throughout Europe intended to address bullying in schools.