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Lindsay Lusby

Class of 2008

Assistant Director, Rose O’Neill Literary House




  • B.A., English, Washington College, 2008


Lindsay Lusby is a poet, letterpress printer, bookbinder, typewriter-enthusiast, small press advocate, and avid tea-drinker. She helped to launch the first annual Chestertown Book Festival in 2009 and then the second in 2010. At home, she operates a Chandler & Price Pilot printing press under the name Thread Lock Press. Two of her poems appeared in the Fall 2011 issue of The Coachella Review and two others are forthcoming from The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review. She also maintains a blog called Goose Hill, where she chronicles her adventures in poetry, printing, and bibliophilia. Her literary interests include contemporary poetry, postmodern fiction, and folk and fairy tale scholarship. She serves as Assistant Editor for the Literary House Press.


“Vespers,” The Coachella Review, Fall 2011

“Studies in Still-Life,” The Coachella Review, Fall 2011


Goose Hill