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Bridget A. Bunten

Assistant Professor of Education

Within the Education Department, Professor Bunten is the Coordinator of the Elementary Education Program. She currently teaches language and literacy methods courses for pre-service teachers and supervises interns during their Professional Development School (PDS) internship in various public elementary schools on the Eastern Shore.

  • B.A., Gettysburg College, 2001
    • Spanish & Elementary Education
  • M.A., UMass Boston, 2006
    • Applied Linguistics
  • Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 2010
    • Curriculum & Instruction with a focus on Language and Literacy Education
    • Dissertation title: “Voices of the Classroom Policymakers: How Teachers Make Sense of an English-only Policy”

Professor Bunten’s research interests include: addressing the needs of English language learners (ELLs) within teacher education, investigating the impact of a culturally and linguistically diverse student population on teaching and learning, understanding the language and literacy development of ELLs, and interpreting language policy and its impact on students, teachers, schools and communities.

  • EDU 318 Cultural & Linguistic Diversity in Education
  • EDU 351 Processes & Acquisition of Reading
  • EDU 352 Reading Instruction & Assessment
  • EDU 354 Literature for Children: K-8
  • EDU 412 Curriculum & Instruction: Language Arts and Social Studies
  • EDU 413 & 414 Elementary Education Teaching Internship
Professional Experience

As a former bilingual and ESL educator in Massachusetts, she worked with elementary-aged students from all over the world and facilitated professional development seminars on language acquisition, cultural sensitivity, and second language literacy for in-service teachers.

Prior Teaching Experiences

  • Spanish (as a foreign language), Grades K-8
  • Two-way Bilingual Program Teacher, 5th Grade
  • ELL Support Teacher, Grades K-5
  • Adult ESL & Citizenship Courses
  • Teaching Reading & Language Arts in Elementary School (college-level)
  • Teaching English to English Language Learners (college-level)
  • Language, Culture, and Classroom Issues for Practitioners (college-level)
  • Evaluating Schools, Performances, and Programs with ELLs (college-level)
  • Clinical Application of Instruction (college-level)

Recent Conference Presentations

Bunten, B.A. (November, 2013). “Personal and Professional Networks and Divisions: How Teachers Make Sense of an English-only Policy.” New Orleans, Louisiana: Curriculum and Pedagogy Conference.

Kim, Y., & Bunten, B.A. (April, 2013). “Knowledge Poverty in ELL Teacher Education Assessment: Issues & Explorations.” San Francisco, California: Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association.

Kim, Y., & Bunten, B.A. (April, 2012). “Key Issues in Preparing Pre-Service Teachers of English Language Learners.” Vancouver, British Columbia: Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association.

Bunten, B.A. (October, 2011). “Becoming ELL Literacy Teachers: The Learning Trajectory of Two Pre-Service Teachers and Their Implications for Teacher Education Curriculum.” Akron, OH: Curriculum and Pedagogy Conference.

Bunten, B. A. (October, 2010). “Blurring the Boundary: Understanding Teachers’ Sensemaking of an English-Only Policy.” Akron, OH: Curriculum & Pedagogy Conference.

Bunten, B. A. (January, 2010). “Welcome to America, now speak English: Preservice teachers’ discourses about ELLs.” State College, PA: Graduate Research Symposium for the Pennsylvania Applied Linguistics Consortium.

Bunten, B. A. (November, 2009). “Technological Nirvana: Preservice Teachers Witnessing Digital Literacies in Action.” Philadelphia, PA: Conference for the National Council of Teachers of English.

Bunten, B. A. (November, 2008). “Energizing Undergraduates’ Thinking about Cultural and Linguistic Diversity.” San Antonio, TX: Conference for the National Council of Teachers of English.