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Career Development

Kole Tonics | Kole Tonics

Take your college experience to the next level.
Become a Kole Tonics Campus Marketing Intern.

For starters, this is not just an internship. It’s an opportunity to be a part of a local student network empowered with the tools to bring Kole Tonics to your college campus. It’s a part time job. Part work. Part play.

Students nationwide are already drinking Kole Tonics and it would be your job to bring Kole Tonics to life at your campus. It can be as simple as providing Kole Tonics bottles and samples for an event or party, or… it can go a whole lot further. We think, you can go a whole lot further.

So come and build your resume and get incredible experience with the hottest beverage company in Baltimore. What are you waiting for? Apply to become part of Kole Tonics’ Campus Marketing Team and see if there is an opening on your campus.


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Kole Tonics