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Julie Wills

Assistant Professor of Art


Julie Wills is an interdisciplinary artist working in the expanded field of sculpture, including installation, collage works on paper, performance, video and site-specific practices. 

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<em>Asphodel (which thread to pull to untangle the stars?)</em>, 2016Asphodel (which thread to pull to untangle the stars?), 2016

My work explores desire and its constraints: the harsh meeting of what is longed for and what is permissible or possible within the confines of social or cultural expectation.

Selection of materials is a primary consideration across my interdisciplinary practice. I choose materials for their metaphoric or associative meanings; matchsticks, for example, suggest a continuum from latent potential to residue. Other materials, such as hair, feathers, fur and eggshells reference and conflate the human and animal bodies.  I use these overlaps to address the use, utility and pleasures of the body, particularly in terms of gender.

A current series of collage works on paper pairs traditional drawing materials with the nontraditional materials found in my sculptural works and incorporates a longstanding interest in poetic language.

Zodiac (book of hours), 2016Zodiac (book of hours), 2016


<em>Love Medicine</em>, 2016Love Medicine, 2016


MFA, University of Colorado, 2005
MA, Art Criticism, University of Montana, 2001
BFA, University of Montana, 1998


ART251 Visual and Critical Thinking
ART261 Intermedia_D (Drawing)
ART281 Intermedia_S (Sculpture)
ART291 Intermedia_VNM (Video & New Media)
ART340 Photo Intensive
ART370 Advanced Studio_S
ART392 Junior Seminar: Contemporary Practices
ART491 & 492 Studio Art Senior Seminar
FYS101 Experiments in Wonder

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