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Art & Art History

Marsha Libina

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History
  • Ph.D., History of Art, Johns Hopkins University
  • M.A., History of Art, Johns Hopkins University
  • Hon. B.Sc., with High Distinction, Art History and Biology, University of Toronto
  • “Sebastiano del Piombo’s Viterbo Pietà: Meditation on Motion and Stillness.” Predicate (2013): 62-88.
  • Distance and Proximity to the Divine in Sebastiano del Piombo’s Rome (book manuscript in preparation)
  • False Idols in the Age of Colonization
  • Not About Beauty / Overturning Classical Bodies: Renaissance to Modern
  • Desiring Bodies in Renaissance Art
  • Introduction to the History of Western Art
  • Italian Renaissance Art
  • Medieval Art

My research is concerned with questions of materiality and mediality in Early Modern visual culture. Focusing on representations of the divine in the devotional art of Catholic Reformation Italy, I am interested in the ways in which God is made known through texts, images, and liturgical objects of veneration, but not known or seen directly, and the consequences this has for notions of authenticity and truth for the artistic image. At present, I am working on a book manuscript on the religious controversies preceding the Council of Trent in early sixteenth-century Italy titled Distance and Proximity to the Divine in Sebastiano del Piombo’s Rome. My work is equally concerned with rethinking the problematic notion of influence when speaking of artistic collaboration in Renaissance Italy. It examines the exchange of drawings between independent but collaborating artists – such as Sebastiano and Michelangelo – as acts of visual translation, refashioning, and appropriation.