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Zombie Fashion Photo Shoot

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October 17, 2012
The MPC’s Fashion Photo Shoot takes a Zombie theme this year!

The Multimedia Production Center hosts several hands-on workshops throughout the year. This year, partnering with the WAC Photography Club, the Fashion Photo Shoot took on a Zombie Theme, after much student interest upon the suggestion. The Fashion Photo Shoot is designed to provide real-world lighting puzzles for students to work through. In this case, to achieve the dark and dramatic look that was used in many of the images, student photographers had to be very aware of the shaping and restricting of the light produced by the studio strobes.

Internationally acclaimed photographer Joe McNally once said, “The best way to make something look more interesting is to not light all of it”. Students took that to heart, using grids, softboxes, and umbrellas to create one brightly lit high-key set, as well as one more dramatically lit dark set. A home made ring light, courtesy of Digital Media Services Director, Brian Palmer, provided a third set, using a background of the red textured wall of the Underwood Lobby in the Gibson Center for Performing Arts.

Student makeup artists created zombies from the student body in a matter of minutes, but the feasting on brains lasted for hours. For more information about the MPC Workshops provided by Digital Media Services, visit http://mpc.washcoll.edu. To join the WAC Photography Club, contact Gary Fenstamaker gfenstamaker2@washcoll.edu.

What’s next? The Underwater Fashion Photo Shoot (in the campus pool) and Sunrise on the Chester River (via the college’s pontoon boat) are two of the upcoming hands-on workshops to keep your eyes open for.

Photos are provided by Brian Palmer, Director of Digital Media Services, and Gary Fenstamaker ‘13. Videography provided by Kong Dong ‘13. Video editing by Brian Palmer.


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