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Meet The Founders - John Adams, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson

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October 24, 2012
Richard Beeman’s
Meet the Founders: A Series of Talks on the Creation of the American Republic.  
Lecture #1 - John Adams, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson

This event, chronicling the uneasy alliance among America’s advocates of independence, is the first of a three-part series about some of the most important individuals associated with the founding of the American nation. The lectures will seek not only to provide some insight into the characters of each of the individual actors in America’s revolutionary drama, but also to convey the wide range of personalities and political philosophies represented within the collective category of “founding fathers.” Richard Beeman, the John Welsh Centennial Professor of American History Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania and a senior fellow at Washington College’s C.V. Starr Center, was the winner of the 2010 George Washington Book Prize.

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