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Philosophy and Religion

Bringing Philosophy and the Liberal Arts to People in Prison

April 05, 2013
The Partners in Philosophy Prison Program will continue this Summer 2013 in Jessup Correctional Institute, a maximum security prison near Baltimore. The program was begun in 2011 by James Schelberg ‘12 and Jared Rankin (formerly of WC now of Bard) on their own initiative and using no funds outside of their own money. 

This summer’s program is being administered by Rankin. For most faculty, presenting is usually the commitment of a single day. Interested faculty may contact him at jrankin2@washcoll.edu.

The program features an inter-disciplinary Humanities course taught to inmates by a variety of mostly Washington College instructors. In 2012 weekly presentations and discussions were run by WC professors from Art, Philosophy, History, English, and Classical thought. Schelberg and Rankin’s program was prominently featured in an article in the Washington Post.  

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