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Cater Society of Junior Fellows

Should we stop the presses?

Location: Rose O’Neill Literary House

November 15, 2011
Natalie Butz ‘12 explored whether eBooks have rendered print books obsolete and also took on the task of publishing her own work.

For my Cater project, I went through the complete process of making a physical book so I would have the knowledge necessary to answer the broader question of how changing technology is going to affect the publishing industry. Although I only received my grant this past December, this is a project which I have been researching for quite a long time. I’ve always had a vested interest in this topic, both as someone who wants to make their career in publishing, and as a writer. Publishing a collection of short stories not only gave me the opportunity to see my work in print, but gave me a print publishing experience and let me see what the process of creating a book was.

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