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\n$15 for Future Harvest Members, $25 for nonmembers
Includes lunch, two panel discussions and two
keynote presentations.\n

\n  \n

\nSponsored by The Center for the Environment 
and Society and Future Harvest. URL: CATEGORIES:Community|Open to the Public LAST-MODIFIED:20130116T211124Z X-LIVEWHALE-TYPE:events X-LIVEWHALE-ID:1888 X-LIVEWHALE-TIMEZONE:America/New_York X-LIVEWHALE-CONTACT-INFO:Rachel Field
\n410-810-7162 X-LIVEWHALE-SUMMARY:
\nWashington College will host a full day farming 
workshop in collaboration with Future Harvest.
This workshop is intended to educate farmers
on the advantages and challenges of diversifying
their large acreage farms.