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Modern Languages

Date: 4:00pm - 5:00pm EDT March 17, 2014

Women in/at War: Lesbian Writing in Latin America


Peruvian novelist Claudia Salazar will come to campus on Monday March 17 to celebrate the International Day of Women. She will give a talk entitled “Women in/at War: Gender, Political Violence and Lesbian Writing in South America”. She will also read and present in Spanish her novel, “La sangre de la aurora” (“Bloody Dawn” in English). Her talk is sponsored by the William James Forum, E. R. O. S., Sigma Delta Pi and the Department of Modern Languages. 

Claudia Salazar got a BA from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru; and a PhD in Latin American Literature and Visual Culture at New York University. She specializes modern and contemporary Latin American literature, with a special focus on literature and film; life writing; women, gender, and sexuality studies; memory, gender, and political violence; performance and visual culture. She founded Perufest: the Festival of New Peruvian Cinema in New York and edited the anthology “Voces para Lilith. Literatura contemporánea de temática lésbica en Sudamérica” (Editorial Estruendomudo: Lima, 2011)/ “Voices for Lilith: Lesbian Contemporary Literature in South America”. “La sangre de la aurora” (Animal de invierno: Lima, 2013) is her first novel and it i getting great criticism in New York, Peru, Argentina, and Mexico. 

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