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Goldstein Program in Public Affairs

Date: 5:00pm - 6:30pm EDT March 18

Salvadoran Ambassador Rubén Zamora, “Twenty-two years of the Salvadoran Peace Accords and Future Prospects for El Salvador’s Democracy”

Salvadoran Ambassador to the United States, Rubén Zamora, will speak on El Salvador’s historical peace accords and prospects for Salvadoran democracy.

Rubén Zamora was born on November 9, 1942 in San Salvador. He is an experienced politician who identifies as a social democrat. He ran for president in 1994 on the FMLN-CD ticket, following the signing of the 1992 peace accords. He ran for president again in 1999 on the CDU ticket. 

His political career began in 1970 as a member of the municipal council for the Mayor of San Salvador, a post he occupied until 1972. In 1980 he co-founded the Democratic Revolutionary Front (FDR), but was forced to flee the country and live in exile.

Rubén Zamora returned to El Salvador in 1988. Upon returning to the country, he co-founded the Democratic Convergence (CD), a party of the center-left that participated in the 1989 presidential elections, before the signing of the peace accords. He was a member of the Commission for the Consolidation of Peace (1991-1993) and served as a deputy in the Legislative Assembly from 1991-1994 and 1997-2007. During his first term, he served as Vice President of the Assembly. He is currently a member of the Democratic Change party.

He served as the Salvadoran Ambassador to India from 2009 until he was named Ambassador to the United States in April 2013.

Rubén Zamora received a law degree from the University of El Salvador (UES) and a Master in Political Science from the University of Essex. He has been a visiting professor at Stanford University and a visiting researcher at the University of Notre Dame and the Wilson Center. His publications include “El Salvador, heridas que no cierran: Los partidos políticos en la post guerra” and “La izquierda partidaria salvadoreña: Entre la identidad y el poder.”