• The Nature of Learning

    Meet the people who make up this extraordinary community on the shores of the Chesapeake, where history is still in the making. Your revolution starts here.

  • Dam the Debt Takes Off
    Funded entirely by donations, and unprecedented in higher education, the new program will reduce qualified graduating seniors’ total federal debt load by 10.2 percent.
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  • The Great Human Race
    As an associate professor of anthropology, Bill Schindler has always believed in living what he teaches. As the star of a new National Geographic Channel program that premiered nationally on February 1, he’s taking it to a whole new level.
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  • Tuition Freeze Announced
    Washington College announces major advance in affordability with tuition freeze for fall 2016.
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  • On the Right Path: Career Development
    Students discuss their work with Career Development at Washington College, which offers a suite of services to help students land internships, externships, and jobs after graduation.
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  • In Pictures: ¡Día de Fútbol!
    Local families came to campus for the 9th annual Día de Fútbol—an event where kids have the opportunity to play, read and talk in English and Spanish, and get to know WC students and faculty.
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