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Sandstorms & Lectures



Short, focused events lasting a day or a weekend that team creative minds, be they artists, scientists, sociologists, political scientists, etc, to work with students around a predetermined theme of common interest.

The first sandstorms are planned for the Spring semester.These “sandstorms,” quick insertions of intellectual energy into the academic mix, jump-starting new and perhaps unexpected dialogues, might typically join a landscape architect with a mechanical engineer, the workshop awarding a prize for the longest bridge made only of sticks 5 and string; an astronomer with a visual artist leading students in a “blind” drawings of the night sky; a dancer with a physicist developing movement variations based on meanders, or a visual artist with a theoretical physicist enticing students to create using chance and randomness. These events also would be open to residents of the surrounding community.


In addition to smaller projects like the Sandstorms, SANDBOX will also host and co-sponsor lectures throughout the academic year. Prior to the programs full inception, John Beardsley, from Harvard’s Dumbarton Oaks, spoke on ”Art and the Environment.” SANDBOX also had the great pleasure of co-sponsoring a lecture with Washington College’s SIgma Xi. “Artistic Approach to Environmental Change” was presented by Jody Roberts from the Chemical Heritage Foundation. This Spring, SANDBOX will bring Natalie Jeremijenko, from NYU, for a talk and project.