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Requirements for the Major

Music Theory (4 courses)

  • MUS 131, 231, 231, 232 (Music Theory I, II, III, IV)

Music History (2 courses)

Two courses selected from the following History of Western Music Sequence:

  • MUS 203 (Ancient to Baroque)
  • MUS 204 (Classical to Romantic)
  • MUS 205 (Music Since 1900)

World Music Elective (1 Course)

One course selected from the following:

  • MUS 104 (Intro to World Music & Ethnomusicology)
  • MUS 313 (Music of Latin America)
  • MUS 314 (Music of Asia)
  • MUS 327 (Music, Ritual and Early Christianity)

Music Electives (2 Courses)

  • Any two four-credit courses in music (except MUS 100)

Additional Requirements:

  • Music majors must declare a primary instrument or voice for study, and must complete four semesters of applied music in their declared area (eight semesters are recommended).
  • Music majors whose declared area is not piano must satisfy a “piano proficiency requirement” by passing the piano proficiency exam (offered once a semester) or completing 2 years of applied piano and/or class piano.
  • Music majors must participate in those performance ensembles for which they are qualified.
  • Music majors are required to perform as a soloist in a student recital at least once during the junior or senior year.
  • Music majors must attend and participate in department-designated performances and events. In this regard, the department faculty reserves the right to assign majors to specific tasks and responsibilities.
  • If a Music Major intends to pursue graduate work in music, the department strongly recommends studying two years of German or French, in that order of preference.