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Institute for Religion, Politics & Culture

Book Series

Peter Lang Publishers, an academic press of international renown, publishes a peer-reviewed book series, entitled Washington College Studies in Religion, Politics and Culture, which is housed in the Institute. Director Prud’homme is the series editor. The series contains cutting-edge research by the world’s leading scholars.

The first book in the series, entitled In Search of Polin: Chasing Jewish Ghosts in Today’s Poland, was published in 2012 and explores Jewry in Polish history. The latest work, Curriculum and the Culture Wars: Debating the Role of the Bible in Public Schools, Melissa Deckman and Joseph Prud’homme, co-editors, was published in early 2014

Forthcoming titles include:

  • Theology and Human Nature: a collection of essays on religion and human nature by a variety of world-renowned scholars, including Nicholas Wolterstorff of Yale University.
  • Religious Authority and the Arts:Literary, Political, and Theological Perspectives on Freedom of Expression authored by Professor Liam Gearon of the University of Oxford
  • Essays on Moral Theology by Germain Grisez
  • Christian Views on Environmental Stewardship by Dr. Robin Gibbons of the University of Oxford

A number of other works are currently under review or contract with the series.