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“The best way to learn the art of writing poetry is to read as much of it as possible.”  ~ Ted Kooser

Whether you stood in line for the newest Harry Potter or scorned J.K. Rowling in favor of Jane Austen, if you love literature, you should think about majoring or minoring in English.

With small classes and lively literary discussions, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to polish your poetry or prose while learning from the best—Shakespeare, Chaucer, Hemingway, Hawthorne and more. image

You can become part of our vibrant community of scholars and writers, form lasting friendships, and enjoy a literary lifestyle complete with quirky, unique features like the Lit House, Writers’ Theatre, and the Kiplin Hall trip. 

Not sure if an English major is right for you? Even if you don’t know what your future holds, the English department can help you prepare for it, with flexible course requirements to prepare you for careers in writing, editing, teaching, law and advertising, just to name a few. 

Recent Stories

  • Image previewAs part of Chestertown’s first ever Harry Potter Festival, Sept. 26, history professor Janet Sorrentino will explore how Renaissance themes such as alchemy and herbalogy helped J.K. Rowling create the classroom experience at Hogwarts.
  • Image preview

    Washington College is partnering with the Map of Early Modern London to help contribute to the map with scholarly research, conducted by Dr. Moncrief’s Renaissance Drama class, on the Rose Theater.

  • Image previewThe director of the Map of Early Modern London project, Janelle Jenstad, visits Sept. 10 to explain how she puts the Bard’s characters in their proper place.



The gift Sophie Kerr bequeathed the College over 40 years ago the gift enables us to bring to campus a succession of the nation’s top writers, editors and scholars and to award the nation’s largest undergraduate literary prize.

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