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Secondary Education Minor

The new minor in Secondary Education Studies offers students the opportunity to enhance their major studies and, through exposure to the study and practical application of Education, be prepared to take on the challenges of their chosen profession, when many lives will be affected by their actions and decisions. The minor can also help students gain awareness of how people work and learn - and help students communicate clearly and effectively.

Students planning on pursuing teacher certification should note that this minor on its own is not sufficient for certification. Students who wish to teach middle school or high school are encouraged to consider applying for the Secondary Teacher Certification Program.

Human Development majors are not eligible for a minor in Secondary Education Studies.

Requirements for the Minor

The Secondary Education Studies Minor requires a minimum of seven courses: EDU 301, EDU 302, EDU 307, EDU 330, a one-credit Secondary or International Field Experience (EDU 215-217), and two additional courses from the following:

EDU 311. World Geography (every “even” Spring)

EDU 315. Traditional and Modern Grammar (every “odd” Spring)

EDU 354. Literature for Children: K-8 (Spring)

EDU 394. Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Education (Fall)

EDU 394. Special Topics: Qualitative Inquiry & Action Research (Spring) (or another approved research design course) 

EDU 490. Seminar in Peer Tutoring (Spring; by application only)

EDU 494. Special Topics: Two Irelands (Spring / Summer)

PSY 202. Lifespan Development (Fall)

ENG 342. Children’s and Adolescent Literature (Spring)

SOC 221. Social Inequalities

Additional EDU 394. Special Topics Courses (as approved by the Coordinator of Secondary Education)

Related courses approved by Department Chair and Coordinator of Secondary Education

Interested in the minor?  Fill out your Major / Minor Declaration form here!