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Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, L.A. and Austin

Chicago, Minneapolis and Seattle are all great, vital theatre towns—Chicago is the big, industrial one. All three of these cities are built around downtown hubs that are mostly empty at night, though this is changing. Most of the action takes place in the neighborhoods. Minneapolis and Seattle are smaller, heavily Protestant cities, which means that nightlife is not as varied or exciting as L.A., New York or Chicago. Also, people are unfailingly polite and wait for the light to turn green before they cross the street, which can be disconcerting to some big-city denizens.

Minneapolis has more per capita funding for the arts than any city in the country. This results in a large, innovative and diverse artist population.

Seattle is great if you like healthy living and the outdoors. There is a wonderful spirit of artistic community in Seattle that manages to obliterate the usual petty boundaries of size, budget, Equity, and theatrical orientation.

L.A. has a thriving scene, but theatre most definitely takes a back seat to Film and TV. Also, in L.A. you need to drive everywhere. Finally, there’s Austin. Austin is ostensibly a college town, yet I believe it has the most vibrant theatre scene in the country. Although it is in Texas, it is not of Texas. Most theatre companies in Austin are small, and there isn’t necessarily a defined way to break in. There is no Major Regional theater to which one can hook one’s star.

Austin is also much more expensive than it was 10 years ago, and requires a car in order to get around. However, if you want to work on some of the newest, most exciting theatre in the country and don’t mind temporary poverty, or if you have a yen to start your own company and want a supportive environment, Austin is the place to go.

Brad Rothbart


Don’t forget Atlanta! There is a rich, ever-growing theatre community here. There are two LORT theatres here - The Alliance Theatre and Georgia Shakespeare Festival - and a number of small to mid-size Equity houses, along with a large number of non-Equity professional theatres. New play development activities are quite active, particularly at the Alliance, Horizon Theatre Company, and Theatre Emory. There are two major playwrights’ organizations - Southeastern Playwrights Project and Working Title Playwrights, each with slightly different focus and occasional membership crossover.

While our dramaturgy internship is still being defined here at the Alliance, I would suggest you find out more about the Atlanta theatre community at www.atlantaperforms.com, the website for the Atlanta Coalition of PerformingArts.

Freddie Ashley
Literary Associate
Alliance Theatre Company

Los Angeles

The LA theatre scene is one of the country’s best kept secrets. There are more small theatres than in New York, and it’s easier to get new plays produced here, cheaper, too. Under Equity’s 99-seat theatre plan, producers pay actors very little for the first 80 performances—but actors are willing to do it because of the exposure they get to The Industry. If a show’s a hit, then it can lead to film/television work (I’ve seen it happen many times). Another advantage is that all new work gets reviewed by the LA Times and LA Weekly, plus other smaller papers. The big advantage is that there are so many incredibly talented actors willing to do theatre here. It’s a very good place to be an emerging playwright. Plays that do well here go on to other cities (I’ve had mine go from here to NY, Chicago, San Diego, Houston, San Francisco). The energy and best work is in the small theatre scene.

There are few large theatres: Ahmanson, Taper, Pantages, Geffen, South Coast Rep, and a very small group of mid-size: East West Players, Colony Theatre, Canon. Self-esteem is all this theatre scene seems to lack—it’s always looking at NY.

Dramaturgically, I don’t think LA has a whole going on. There are dramaturgical positions at the Mark Taper Forum and South Coast Repertory, and probably in some form at the Audrey Skirball Kenis Theatre (A.S.K.), but not too much more than that. I think an entreprenurial person could create such a position at any number of theatres here, but shouldn’t expect to get paid, at least not right away. I’m a playwright and a literary manager, but not a dramaturg, so I’m slightly to the side of that world.

Tom Jacobson


Go go go go go to Louisville. Actors Theatre has an AMAZING lit internship. I did it, I loved it, it propelled me to the Yale School of Drama for my turgy MFA, and eventually DFA. When I was there, Michael Dixon was the lit mgr, and he did a lot to make the internship worthwhile. Now he’s at Guthrie, but some lit staff still remains, and I know they have a commitment to remaining on of the best, most hands-on, in-the-rehearsal-hall, getting-credit-for-your-work, kind of institutions. It’s a competitive internship to get, but I think well worth the effort. Not to mention you get to work on the Humana Festival! And though you wouldn’t expect it, Louisville is a great place to live. Mild climate, lots of southern culture, lots of arts, cheap cost of living, great food and parks and music. Small but welcoming.

Ilana Brownstein

Washington, DC

You may want to consider theater in Washington, DC, the home of many cultural arts venues, colleges and universities, and the Library of Congress, a virtual haven for research scholars.

Desiree Urquhart
Associate Executive Director
Arena Stage

Dramaturgy and Literary Management

ART, Cambridge, MA

Title: Literary Management
Deadline: unknown
Length of Internship: unknown

Requirements: Candidates for these positions should be familiar with the major dramatic authors as well as possess a demonstrated familiarity with the theatrical production process. Fast, accurate typing ability is preferred.

Stipend: College credit is available for certain internships through the intern’s sponsoring institution. Qualified applicants will be interviewed either in person or on the telephone if time and distance present a hardship.

In addition to interning with A.R.T. departments, qualified interns may have the opportunity to work in their field on their own with a production for the Institute for Advanced Theatre Training. This is an excellent opportunity for interns to apply their knowledge and gain additional hands-on experience.

How to Apply: A completed application includes: a complete application form (you may make your own following the instructions below), a cover letter indicating specific area of interest and how this internship would be beneficial to both you and the A.R.T., an up-to-date résumé, and two letters of recommendation from people who know you and your work. Applications should be typed and mailed to: Internship Program, American Repertory Theatre, 64 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. See below for details.

Description of Internship: The literary management interns assist the Literary Director through dramaturgical research and critical evaluation. Interns read and evaluate scripts submitted to the theatre for possible development or production, assist the Literary Director in gathering fast research material for programs and other publications, and serve as assistants for the A.R.T.’s program of special events.

Application Form: Applicants may make their own forms, providing the following information: name, date of birth, current and permanent addresses, current and permanent phone numbers, emergency contact with phone number, and dates available (starting and ending dates). Indicate your area of interest using the internship categories listed above; if more than one list in order of preference. If applicable, please provide current or most recent school with address, faculty advisor, major, and date of graduation. Indicate what type of college credit, if any, you will be receiving. Finally, list the names, professions, and titles of the two persons who will be submitting letters of recommendation.

Letters of Recommendation: Recommendation letters for A.R.T. Internships should have the name of the applicant, the name of the person writing the recommendation, and the internship category at the top of the page. All information will be held in the strictest confidence. The letters should address the following questions:

  • How long, how well, and in what capacity have you known the applicant?
  • How does he or she handle responsibility?
  • How does the applicant handle direction?
  • How does the applicant work under pressure?
  • Is the applicant self-motivated? Can he or she work effectively with little direction?
  • What leadership qualities have you observed in the applicant? How does he or she handle leadership responsibilities?
  • Are there any other relevant facts or considerations about the applicant that are relevant to this application?

The person writing the letter should be asked to sign and date it, listing his or her position, address, and phone number, and mail the completed recommendation to: Internship Director, American Repertory Theatre and Institute for Advanced Theatre Training, 64 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Note: Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications we receive throughout the year, we are not able to respond to every one. We will match your completed application with internship openings and evaluate it accordingly. If an opening is available, we will contact you for an interview.

Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Title: Literary Management Internship
Deadline: March 15
Length of Internship: Season: late August to early June ; Summer: mid-June to mid-August
Requirements: none listed.

Stipend: there is no stipend or pay with ATL. However, a staff member helps coordinate housing.

How to Apply: applicants for all internships should submit a resume, a one-page statement of purpose, two letters of recommendation and a 5-10 page critical writing sample.

Description of Internship: This internship is designed to train individuals in the fields of literary management and dramaturgy. The interns work closely with the literary staff in all areas, including the New Play Program and regulat season productions. The New Play Program encompasses the National Ten-Minute Play Contest and the annual Humana Festival of New American Plays. Interns help screen plays, assist with production dramaturgy, and participate in the administration of the contest and playwriting workshops. the Literary Department also works on a variety of publishing projects, and interns assist with the editing process for anthologies of new work. For regular productions and showcase productions of original ten-minute plays, the interns work as dramaturgs, providing research and critical assistance.

The work of the literary intern is varied and includes: attending rehearsals, assisting with playwright residencies, library research, reading new plays, writing articles for ATL publications, and providing administrative support for various literary projects.

The literary internship has proven valuable for developing dramaturgs, theatre administratoin majors, directors and theatre or English majors. Playwrights may find the time demands restrictive but are welcome to apply.

Besides the season-long internship committment (late August to early June), applicants should be aware that the Literary Department also is accepting applications for its Summer Internship that run from mid-June to mid-August. Those applicants interested in the Summer Internship exclusively should indicate that at time of application.

Literary Manager: Tanya Palmer tpalmer@actorstheatre.org

Dramaturg/New Play Development: Amy Wegener awegener@actorstheatre.org

Arena Stage, Washington DC

Title: Dramaturgy/Literary Management (listed under Artistic Fellowships)
Deadlines: Summer = March 1
Fall and Season = May 1
Winter/Spring = October 1
Length of Internship: Time periods for internships are flexible; however, all internships are full-time. Internships are available on a semester or full-season schedule, although some may follow a production cycle of six to eight weeks. Consecutive internships in two departments as well as summer internships may also be arranged.

Requirements: The Arena Stage Internship program is committed to providing the highest standard of training to future generations of theater professionals. The program is designed for under-graduate or graduate students, recent graduates and career changers interested in pursuing a career in the professional theater. Applicants should be serious-minded, highly motivated individuals who have basic training and experience in theater and a willingness to engage in the creative process and to test the limits of their own ingenuity. Interns are treated as members of the Arena staff and are expected to perform a wide variety of tasks. Interns must have a basic knowledge of theater history, a strong knowledge of dramatic literature and excellent written and interpersonal skills.

Stipend: Arena Stage will provide a modest stipend and may assist in locating housing (though housing is the responsibility of the intern). College credit may be arranged through the intern’s sponsoring institution.

How to Apply: Cover letter indicating which internship you are applying for and date available (first and second choice please).

Resume (be sure to include current, permanent and summer phone numbers and addresses).

Two letters of recommendation: one academic, one professional.

A copy of your most recent academic transcript.

A critical writing sample (Directing and Administrative applicants only.)

Responses to the following questions:

  • What is your eventual goal in the theater?
  • What is your reason for seeking an internship at this time?
  • What do you hope to gain from this internship experience?

Description of Internship: In our program, the intern gains administrative and practical experience in dramaturgy, critiquing scripts, preparing study guides, etc.

Fellowships are mentioned on the webpage, but are not described. For more information e-mail: interns@arenastage.org

CTG/Mark Taper Forum/Ahmanson Theatre, Los Angeles, CA


Deadline: For Taper, Too internships please send a resume and cover letter to the Internship Director in February 2002. For New Work Festival internships please send a resume and cover letter to the Internship Director in July 2002. For summer internships please send a resume and cover letter to the Internship Director in February 2002.

Length of Internship: Taper, Too in the spring, the New Work Festival in the fall, and 10-week internships in the summer.

Stipend: Interns will not receive payment while working at CTG but can receive college credit if desired.

How to Apply: To contact the Internship Director, please mail to Louise Bale, Center Theatre Group, 601 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012, or contact interns@ctgla.org.

Description of Internship: For Taper, Too and the New Work Festival, the Mark Taper Forum hires Directing Assistants, Literary Assistants and Production Assistants. Internships are 2 - 10 weeks long.

CTG offers up to four full-time paid intern positions, thanks to the LA County Arts Internship Program, for 10 weeks during the summer. Student eligibility for internship positions is limited to currently enrolled undergraduates who either reside and/or attend college or university in Los Angeles County. Positions are available in all departments of the theatre including finance, press, management, audience development, marketing, house staff, fundraising and production.

California Shakespeare Festival, Berkeley, CA

Title: Dramaturgy Internship
Deadline: March 30
Length of Internship: Minimum time commitment is just 10 hours, hours are flexible, and we can help direct you to good resources for finding housing if you need it. Internships can start at any time during the year, and the length of stay is flexible.

Requirements: The ideal candidate will be a college upperclassman or recent college graduate with strong writing and research skills. Up to three applicants will be selected.

Stipend: No housing or stipend is provided. Two free tickets to most of the regional theaters in the area.

How to Apply: Please submit the following to: Internships / California Shakespeare Theater / 701 Heinz Avenue / Berkeley, CA 94710

  • Letter describing your area of interest
  • Personal statement addressing your objectives and how an internship will help you to achieve your goals
  • Current and permanent address/contact information
  • Headshot (Acting Intern applicants only)
  • Current Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • $25 non-refundable application fee

Description of Internship: Dramaturgy Interns have the opportunity to participate in some or all of the following areas: production research; script and text preparation; and creation, research, and writing of our Audience Guides. Dramaturgy Interns attend rehearsals at the discretion of the director. The Internship also involves administrative duties related to dramaturgy.

Classic Stage Company, New York, NY

Title: Assistant to the Artistic Director
Application Deadlines: July 1 for fall semester, November 20 for spring
Interviews: July 10-20, December 1-10 Notification: by July 31 and December 15
Length of Internship: Commitment is min 4 mos., 4 days/wk, hours tba. Positions available Sep-Dec and Jan-May.

Stipend: At this time, neither stipends nor housing are available unless otherwise noted. But, interns are extended staff benefits for shows, and are invited to observe most rehearsals, design meetings, production meetings, and marketing meetings.

To Apply: Interested applicants should send cover letter indicating position/semester desired and resume, with references, to Rachel Tischler, General Manager. Or, you may e-mail your application to rachel.tischler@classicstage.org.

Crossroads Theatre Company, New Brunswick, NJ


LMDA “Administrative support to the literary department, process script submissions, read & evaluate scripts, research and documentation in relation to production dramaturgy.”

Description of Internship: The African American College Initiative Program (AACIP) is committed to establishing a professional collaboration with historically Black colleges and universities with Black theatre departments that are actively involved in promoting the arts; establishing training grounds for future leadership in the arts; sensitizing audiences to the importance of art as an integral component to quality education and supporting and sustaining the future of the African American experience in American Theatre.

AACIP was formed in 1990 when a conference was held on the campus of Howard University in Washington, D.C. to begin the dialogue for bridging the gap between theatre and academia. A variety of African American university professors and members of Crossroads’ staff engaged in a two-day conference designed to identify ways to collectively promote and preserve the African American art form. The outcome of this collaborative effort resulted in the formulation of AACIP’s structure. AACIP is composed of four components: Arts Advocacy, Workshops, Internships and Faculty Exchanges.

To Apply: For information on these please call (732)249-5581, x208

Dallas Theater Center

Title: Directing/Literary Management
Length of Internship: DTC’s Internship Program runs concurrently with the mainstage season, August - May
Stipend: DTC offers fulltime, PAID internships.

How to Apply: On an 8 1/2 x 11” cover sheet, type the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Current address, city, zip code and telephone number
  3. E-mail address
  4. Name of school (if applicable)
  5. Permanent Address
  6. List up to three areas of interest, in order of preference: Arts Administration, Directing/Literary Management, Stage Management, Company Management, Education and Community Programs, Carpentry, Electrics, Sound, Scenic Art, Costumes, Wardrobe, Properties, and Stage Operations
  7. Dates Available: From: To:
  8. Three letters of recommendation are required (2 educational/professional, 1 personal) and may be mailed separately. However, please list the names and daytime phone numbers of your three references and indicate whether educational, professional or personal.

In addition to the above information, please include the following:

  1. A resume of education, theater experience/training, and any related work.
  2. A brief statement (no longer than one page typed) that includes the following information:
    1. What are your long-range goals in theater?
    2. Why should you be chosen as a DTC intern?
    3. How did you hear of DTC’s Internship Program?
  3. Describe a specific theater or artistic experience (music, art, literature, dance), whether as an audience member or a direct participant that shaped your vision of theater. Please limit yourself to one typed page.

Send all application materials in one envelope to: Lisa Lawrence Holland / Dallas Theater Center/Internship Program / 3636 Turtle Creek Boulevard / Dallas, Texas 75219-5598

For More Information call 214.252.3918.

The Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York, NY

Deadlines: July

Stipend: There is no fee for the program and no payment or stipend. Housing and transportation are the intern’s responsibility. For interns seeking college credit, a full-time program can also be arranged.

How to Apply: For the fall program, apply by July to Carl Jaynes, Intern Coordinator, The Ensemble Studio Theatre, 549 W 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019. Send a resume and cover letter.

Description of Internship: We have a large intern program that takes place twice a year: the first group begins in September and runs through January, the second begins in January and runs till June. Each group includes about twenty people. They are placed primarily in one department, which could be Lit, but those placements are not made until after they are accepted into the program and meet with the various department heads. There’s a lab that meets once a week (Wednesday mornings) where the Interns as a company develop original theatre pieces, culminating in four public performances at the end of the term.

In addition, each intern volunteers at the theatre for eight hours a week on a regular schedule, plus some additional tech hours and some ushering. Some of the volunteer hours

are spent in the intern’s primary department, but there is always some general office work (answering phones, etc.) and running errands involved.

Literary Interns do clerical work and read and report on scripts. Other departments that use interns include: Administrative, Sloan Project, Artistic Director’s Office, Production Office.

Florida Studio Theatre, Sarasota, FL

Title: Literary Management/Directing
Length of Internship: Flexible starting and ending dates, 3 month summer or year long contracts.
Stipend: stipend and housing provided, college credit possible, comps to FST productions, Professional Theatre experience, and discounts in the Cabaret Club restaurant.

How to Apply: Fill out the online application, a current resume of your theatrical experience and other work experience, a list of three references or include three letters of recommendation, and a photograph. Submit the application online and send the other materials to: James Ashford / Florida Studio Theatre / 1241 North Palm Avenue / Sarasota, FL 34236

Phone: (941) 366-9017
Fax: (941) 955-4137
E-Mail: james@fst2000.org

Description of Internship: Gain experience in Literary Management and New Play Development. Writing opportunities are possible. Work directly with the Literary Manager in script solicitation, New Play Development, the Readers’ Circle, and research/writing opportunities.

George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, NJ

Title: Literary and Directing Internships
Deadlines: September 15
Length of Internship: Positions start in September and are available through April/May.

Requirements: Looking for an extremely organized individual, self-motivated, with a strong interest in directing, dramaturgy, or artistic management in new works.

How to Apply: Send letter, resume and references to: Internships, George Street Playhouse, 9 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901. Fax: 732-247-9151. e-mail: dtamez@georgestplayhouse.org

Description of Internship: The artistic interns would assist the Artistic Director and Associate Producer with casting, script preparation, production research, new play research and development and general artistic administration. The Playhouse produces a six-play mainstage season of predominantly new plays, and provides excellent opportunities to work with world-class playwrights, directors and actors.

Goodman Theater, Chicago, IL

Deadlines: Fall - June 15
Winter/Spring - October 1
Summer - March 1
Length of Internship: Although scheduling is negotiable, internships are typically full-time for 3 months (summer), 4 months (fall), or 5 months (winter/spring). Full-time, M-F, 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.; occasional weekend assignments.

Requirements: Excellent analytical, writing, and research skills are essential. Applicants must also demonstrate appropriate knowledge of dramatic literature. Excellent communication skills and a basic knowledge of computing are essential in most areas. The performance of errands and routine clerical tasks is a normal part of every intern’s day.

Stipend: Stipends are available for all internships. The awarding of academic credit is entirely at the discretion of your college or university; otherwise, the Goodman is happy to provide documentation of your activities and performance upon request. No housing is provided.

How to Apply: Download their application from the website. For further information and to receive an application in the mail, send your name, address and phone number, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: The Goodman Theatre / Internships / 170 N. Dearborn Street /Chicago, IL 60601

Description of Internship: Assist with the solicitation, cataloging, and evaluation of new manuscripts; prepare correspondence to playwrights, agents, theatres, and play development programs; conduct research on playwright production histories; help to maintain the Goodman’s in-house library; attend artistic staff meetings.

Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

http://www.guthrietheater.org/internships Title: Dramaturgy Internship
Length of Internship: A commitment of six months is desirable, with an average of 30 hours of work per week.

Requirements: The intern should have good writing and communication skills, a strong background in literature (especially drama), and experience in research. Candidates should also have a special interest in the development of new work for the theatre and the process of transforming a written play into theatrical production. Foreign language skills are an asset, and word processing skills and basic computer competence are highly desirable.

Stipend: Complimentary tickets are available to interns as well as a 50% discount on Guthrie classes. The internship is an unpaid position.

How to Apply: Download their application from the website.

Description of Internship: This internship at the Guthrie Theater offers the opportunity to observe and work in the field of literary management and dramaturgical research, script analysis and production support. It also provides an opportunity to participate in myriad activities associated with the functioning of a dramaturgy/literary department of a professional theatre.

Interns work as assistants to production dramaturgs and the literary manager. The duties of each intern vary, but a general list of potential tasks includes: conducting library and archival research; dramatic text analysis, editing and compiling different editions of a script; assisting in the writing, editing, and proofreading of programs, study guides, and other publications; reading and reporting on new scripts; at times observing rehearsals; participating in educational programs and conferences; assisting with the maintenance of the theatre library; and performing general administrative and clerical tasks, such as copying and organizing materials.


InterAct Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

Title: Literary Department Internships
Deadline: June 1 for consideration for the academic-year intern class
Length of Internship: Summer: June and running through August

Requirements: Literary Department Internships at InterAct are either summer positions for junior or senior level college undergraduates or school year (semester or season) internships for upper level students. Intern classes in the past have tended to be very small; three or four summer interns, and one or two student interns per semester. In 2002 we began a small full-time school-year intern program aimed at recent graduates of undergraduate theatre programs. This internship has duties in both the literary and production departments of the theater.

Stipend: We do not offer any kind of payment or stipend for academic-year internships, however opportunities to make modest amounts of money (run-of-show ASM, telemarketing, dresser) do exist as a possibility for interns occupying this position. Please inquire.

How to Apply: We require the submission of a letter of interest and a resume.

Description of Internship: All internships at InterAct have a modest component of general company work, including but not limited to helping with mailings, general office work, and phone answering. In addition, there are several ways to get involved with the company as a volunteer.

Summer Literary Department Internships: Literary Department summer interns generally perform three duties in the course of a two to three month internship starting in June and running through August.

The first and most significant task is reading and writing “coverage” (synopsis and evaluation) of plays submitted to us for consideration, generally between 30 and 40 plays. Writing and play reviews are discussed at weekly meetings. The second task is preparing a book of dramaturgical research on one of the plays that InterAct will be presenting in its upcoming season. These books, which require library and on-line research, are guided projects under the supervision of the literary manager of the theater. The final task is preparing and conducting interviews with playwrights for publication in our newsletter, InterActivity. We also ask summer interns to help out with special projects (such as the National Showcase of New Plays during the summer of 2002) and to be available for general company work for an average of 5 - 10 hours a week.

Academic-year Literary Department Internships: In 2002 InterAct began an academic-year intern program. For this position we are seeking recent BA or BFA theatre program graduates who have a clear interest in new plays. Duties include reading and writing “coverage” on plays we are considering for the following season, assisting on productions with the literary manager and dramaturg, helping to assistant stage manage, arranging, casting, and attending in-house and table readings of work we are considering for future seasons, working with the literary manager on developmental programs with playwrights and new plays, participating in the InterAct Playwrights Circle, doing dramaturgical research, assisting with the administration of literary fellowship programs, working with our education department on student-writing projects such as our Young Voices program, and performing general company duties on an as-needed basis.

For more information about summer and academic year internships, please contact Larry Loebell, Literary Manager and Dramaturg, at 215-568-8077 or LLoebell@InterActTheatre.org.

Intiman, Seattle, WA


The Intiman Internship has been temporarily postponed. Contact elizabeth@intiman.org for more details. The following information was posted last year.

Title: Artistic/Education Internship
Deadline: mid December
Length of Internship: January to December. Internships should be regarded as a full-time commitment of at least 40 hours per week throughout our full season (March through November). Some internship positions can be adjusted to a quarterly commitment depending on individual circumstances.

Requirements: Successful candidates for this position possess a sense of humor, imagination, intelligence, a sincere desire to participate in the production of great art and a drive to share their passion with others. Candidates need excellent reading, writing, computer and research skills, a strong background in dramatic literature and an ability to work independently and creatively with great attention to detail. This position will require candidates to work irregular hours.

Stipend: Housing and transportation are not provided. Interns will receive a weekly stipend, however, it should not be considered enough to fully cover living expenses in the Seattle area.

How to Apply: see application form or contact Liza Comtois, Intern Coordinator, 206.269.1901 x213 liza@intiman.org

Description of Internship: The Artistic/Education internship provides an opportunity to understand the workings of an artistic department with particular emphasis on dramaturgy and education. The intern will read, evaluate and track incoming scripts, research and compile dramaturgical information related to current or future productions and observe and support rehearsals when appropriate. In education, the intern will be directly involved in the development and implementation of a variety of school and community based activities including Intiman’s award winning high school residency program Living History. Interns will be included in relevant artistic staff meetings and have opportunities to work with the casting director arranging and organizing auditions.

Interns undertake responsibilities as members of the staff, contribute ideas, participate in staff meetings, and complete projects under the guidance of their supervisors. Interns also participate in weekly intern company meetings and monthly professional development seminars designed to provide integrated cross-departmental learning that is at the heart of the creative collaborative process of theatre.

Note: Intiman evaluates interns after an initial probationary period of 45 days. This includes discussion of job performance, evaluation of the work relationship between intern and supervisor(s) and how to best meet the needs of both the intern and the theatre.

La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, CA

Title: Literary/Dramaturgy Internship
Deadline: prior to April 1
Length of Internship: The Playhouse offers both full-time (40 hrs/wk.) and part-time (20 hrs/wk.) internships over a minimum of twelve weeks. The program runs Memorial Day through Labor Day, but can be extended or adjusted according to your availability and departmental need.

Requirements: A graduate student with a strong literature and/or theater background. Intern must have excellent reading, writing and analytical skills, as well as research experience. Intern must also have strong word-processing and organizational skills.

Stipend: There is no stipend. Interns will be given priority should part-time Playhouse employment become available. College credit is available.

How to Apply: send application, personal statement, resume and two letters of recommendation to: La Jolla Playhouse / Attn: 2003 Internship Program / P.O. Box 12039, La Jolla, CA 92039.

Description of Internship: The intern will assist the Literary Manager and Associate Artistic Director in the reading and evaluation of scripts, dramaturgical research, and general correspondence. The intern may serve as assistant to the dramaturg during production. Intern will have exposure to literary management and dramaturgy. Will gain experience as a script evaluator and assisting with production dramaturgy when involved in the dramaturgical process.

Contact: The Department of Education and Outreach at (858) 550-1070 x101 or e-mail jmanzo@ljp.ucsd.edu.

Long Wharf, New Haven, CT

Title: Directing/Literary/Education and Humanities
Deadline: April 15 (if a position does not fill, however, they will accept more applications)
Length of Internship: All internships are full-time and full-season (approximately September-May).

Requirements: The ideal candidate should have some directing experience and an interest in pursing directing as a career. The Artistic Intern should possess a strong background in dramatic literature and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. She or he must also have strong interpersonal skills and be highly responsible, creative and self-motivated. Interns also participate in weekly seminars, which are led by Long Wharf Theatre staff and guest artists. These are designed to provide interns with a comprehensive exposure to professional theatre.

Stipend: $175 per week. Although Long Wharf Theatre does not offer housing, we do provide assistance in locating affordable local housing for interns. College credit may be arranged with academic institutions.

How to Apply: Download the application from the website. For an application packet, contact: Intern Coordinator / Long Wharf Theatre / 222 Sargent Drive / New Haven, CT 06511

Phone: (203) 787-4284

Fax: (203) 776-2287

E-mail: kelly.miller@longwharf.org

Description of Internship: Three Artistic Interns will assist in all artistic areas of Long Wharf Theatre. They will serve as Assistant to the Director on at least two, generally three productions, assist in the Literary Department, and assist in the Education and Humanities Department. While in rehearsal, Artistic Interns work closely with and provide support for the show director as an assistant throughout the entire rehearsal process. In the Literary Department, Artistic Interns read new scripts, attend readings of new plays, assist in research, work on special projects, and assist in the administrative aspects of the Literary Office. The Artistic Interns also work closely with the Director of Humanities and Education on programming to enhance the outreach into Connecticut schools. This may includes artist-in-residency programs, lecture forums, study guides and grant writing.

Rotating through three artistic departments, the Artistic Interns will receive an in-depth and multi-faceted experience in all artistic areas at Long Wharf Theatre. The Artistic Interns will work closely with directors, designers, actors, and technicians. Interns will gain a deep understanding of new play development and will be exposed to a great number of new, contemporary plays. The Artistic Interns will also gain a comprehensive understanding of an Education and Humanities Program in a professional setting.

Long Wharf is known for being the theatre plays are tested in prior to going to Broadway. Several incredible shows have premiered here (Wit, for example). Long Wharf is currently moving into New Haven, CT, home of Yale and all of its incredible theatre.

Manhattan Theatre Club, New York, NY


Deadline: All application materials should be received by March 15 for Summer consideration; July 15 for Fall and full season consideration; and November 15 for Winter/Spring consideration. Applications submitted after the recommended dates will receive full consideration on a space-available basis. Please note: International applicants must secure an Exchange Visitor or Foreign Student visa to work at MTC. Inquire about visa application procedures with the U.S. Embassy or the consulate with jurisdiction over your place of permanent residence.

Length of Internship:
FULL theatre season (September - May) or Seasonal:
FALL (September-December),
SPRING (January-May), SUMMER (June-August)
A full-time theatre internship (40 hrs per week, M-F, 10am - 6pm) in a professional and educational environment. Intensive training and work in one department. Attendance at departmental and full-staff meetings. Individual projects under the guidance of experienced supervisors. Weekly artistic and management seminars led by MTC departmental directors and guest artists

Requirements: Undergraduate and graduate students; recent graduates; early-career professionals. Knowledge of Windows and MS Office Suite strongly recommended.

Stipend: Internships provide a weekly stipend of $200.00. Housing assistance is not available. Invitations to special events and MTC performances. Free/discounted tickets to selected Broadway, Off-Broadway and other theatre performances.

How to Apply: Send:

  1. MTC application (download in Microsoft Word for Windows format or print out online);
  2. a résumé - please include office work experience, if any, as well as theatre & performing arts experience;
  3. a cover letter indicating three departmental preferences - ranked or unranked and the season(s) for which you would like to apply; and
  4. two letters of recommendation (employers, professors, etc.) to: Intern Coordinator / The Paul A. Kaplan Theatre Management Program at Manhattan Theatre Club / 311 West 43rd Street, 8th Floor / New York, NY 10036

(212) 399-4329
E-mail: interns@mtc-nyc.org

Interviews: Once we have received your complete application, our office will be in touch with you regarding the availability of internships or to request additional information. Please allow at least two weeks for our office to get in touch with you before you call to check your status. Please note that most departments require an in-person interview. Please indicate in your letter and/or application if you are available for an interview in the New York City area, and if so, what period you are available. A phone interview can be arranged in most cases.

Description of Internship: LITERARY Interns (FULL, FALL, SPRING, SUMMER)- The Literary Department reviews over 1,200 scripts annually to program a season of eight productions. Interns are involved with all aspects of departmental activities, including script evaluation, season programming and production coverage. Duties include clerical support, database upkeep, and attendance at in-house and out-of house readings.

McCarter Theatre, Princeton, NJ

Title: Literary Management Internship
Deadline: March 31
Length of Internship: Most internships begin in mid-August and extend through May or June of the following year, unless otherwise noted. Some production internships and the directing internship begin in early August. McCarter Internships are for individuals who are willing to devote their full energies to a season at McCarter in exchange for challenging and practical experience in the real world. Positions are full time.

Requirements: The literary intern should have strong organizational and writing skills, and knowledge of theatre history and dramatic literature.

Stipend: The McCarter offers housing as well as a $75 a week stipend.

How to Apply: Complete an Application Package (accessible online) and include writing samples.

Description of Internship: The literary intern will gain experience in the day-to-day administration of the literary office. Duties include reading and analyzing scripts submitted for production consideration, maintaining correspondence with agents and writers, database entry, assisting with playreadings, coverage of New York and New Jersey productions and playreadings, dramaturgical research and archiving, and other support activities within the literary office. The literary intern reports directly to both the Dramaturg and the Literary Director, who work in close association with the Artistic Director’s office.

After an initial orientation period, interns assume staff level responsibilities under the direct supervision of a Department Head. Since hours and duties vary with different departmental assignments, taking on additional work outside of the internship may be difficult, and will be permitted only in cases of need. Aside from their departmental duties, interns are expected to perform basic tasks for the benefit of the theatre, such as answering phones, staffing student matinees, distibuting posters and assisting in the Box Office. These tasks are not the primary focus of the internship, but are essential for the smooth operation of the theatre. Interns are given the opportunity to attend select staff, board and committee meetings and seminars with each Department Head to increase their understanding of how a large regional theater operates.

Milwaukee Repertory Theater, Milwaukee, WI

Title: Literary Internship
Deadline: April 2
Length of Internship: These internships run for a full season (August- May). Partial-season internships may be arranged. For a full season, interns become a part of the Rep company. Interns in the Artistic Department do not perform administrative or technical duties so that they may devote their time entirely to acting, directing, or dramaturgy. Our internship program requires a full time commitment from those with the energy and desire to make the transition into professional theater.
Requirements: Applicants must be college graduates. MFA candidates are encouraged to apply. Academic credit is available for students wishing to make their internship part of their graduate degree curriculum.

Stipend: The Rep offers literary interns housing and a small stipend.

How to Apply: Download their brochure/application online. Mail the application along with: a current resume of all theatrical and related experience; a recent photograph or headshot; three letters of recommendation that speak to your creative potential in theater and your ability to work with people; a response to the questions: 1) at this point in your career, why do you seek an internship 2) why do you specifically seek an internship with Milwaukee Rep; 3) what do you feel you could contribute to The Rep; 4) what are your future goals. Interviews will the scheduled when all materials have been received.

Call Sandy Ernst or Carrie Van Deest for literary internship information at 414-224-1761.

Description of Internship: Literary interns work closely with the Rep’s Literary Director in literary management, production dramaturgy and audience education. Intern’s duties are developed according to his or her specific interests, and could include working as a dramaturg on specific productions, writing essays for programs and newsletters, discussing repertory choices with the Artistic Staff, managing the Rep’s literary office, participating in workshops and discussions of new plays, and conducting audience discussions and other community events.

New Dramatists, New York, NY

Title: Literary Management
Deadline: applications are accepted year round: any time is a good time to join the team at New Dramatists.

Length of Internship: Full-time interns work at least 40 hours a week; Part-time interns must work a minimum of 15 hours a week, and should be able to commit to a regular schedule (part-time internships are unpaid).

Requirements: New Dramatists internships are awarded to exceptional candidates who desire exposure to a busy professional theatre organization that works with brand new plays.

Stipend: College credit may be available (check with your school for details). Full-time interns are awarded $25 (which mostly covers transportation and lunch). Interns are encouraged to participate in as many workshops and playwriting classes as possible and to take advantage of the complimentary tickets to Broadway and Off- Broadway productions that are frequently made available to us.

How to Apply: Mail the application form (download from the website), a current resumé, and a letter outlining what you hope to learn from the Internship Program to: New Dramatists / Internship Coordinator / 424 W. 44th Street / New York, NY 10036

Then call for an interview.

Description of Internship: Interns in the literary management department support our most fundamental activities You’ll have direct and frequent communication with our member playwrights and will witness first-hand the continuing evolution of each new work. Your involvement with ScriptShare, our national script distribution service, and our International Playwrights Exchange Program will put you in contact with theatre and film companies from across the country, as well as with visiting playwrights from overseas. If you have good communication skills, enjoy a busy schedule, and have an interest in the written word and the American playwright, you may find a home here.

The New Group, New York, NY

Title: Literary Intern
Deadline: There is no application deadline.
Length of Internship: These are available year-round, with a minimum of 15 hours/week over three months.

Requirements: Requirements would be some experience with new plays and an interest in play development.

Stipend: None.

How to Apply: Simply submit by mail or e-mail a resume and cover letter to: Ian Morgan / Associate Artistic Director / The New Group / 154 Christopher Street, Suite 2A-A / New York, NY 10014



Description of Internship: advise on scripts for production; reject other scripts, participate in various aspects of production in our small offices. Involved in New Play Development.

The New Group is a small outfit, producing only three plays a year, but as they are all plays previously unproduced in New York (often world premiers), the literary department is an exciting part of the theatre.

New York Theatre Workshop, New York, NY

Title: Artistic Department (including Literary)
Deadline: We accept resumes on an ongoing basis for our Fall, Spring and Summer Internships.
Length of Internship: Interns are required to be here a minimum of two full days a week, and Monday evenings. It is most beneficial to be in attendance on Mondays and Fridays, as those are our busiest days.

Requirements: We usually look for a literary intern with a strong English and dramaturgical background.

Stipend: We offer a small weekly stipend or college credit.

How to Apply: Please send your brief letter of inquiry along with your resume to Erin Frederick. Please specify the departments you would be interested in working. Please fax your materials to Erin Frederick at NYTW 212.460.8996 No phone calls please.

Description of Internship: Literary Interns work closely with the Literary Manager, reading scripts, writing reader reports, and at times corresponding with writers on individual works. They also contribute to the selection of plays for our Mondays @ 3 Reading series, and participate in our Artistic Meetings.

Often, interns from one department are asked to fulfill duties or projects for another department. This gives the interns a taste of other aspects of the theatre and it’s inner workings.

Northlight Theatre, Skokie, IL

Stipend: None.
Contact: Tara Mallen / Internship Coordinator / Northlight Theatre / 9501 N. Skokie Blvd / Skokie, IL 60077
847-679-9501 ext. 3303

Penumbra, Minneapolis, MN

Title: Dramaturgy Internship
Requirement: Requires Current Enrollment in College or University Program.

Stipend: Undergraduate Credit Option Available.

How to Apply:

  • A cover letter stating the specific Internship for which you are applying.
  • A copy of your college transcript.
  • A copy of your current resume, which should include all arts related experience.
  • A self-addressed, stamped postcard, to confirm receipt of application materials.

Description of Internship: Participates in all stages of the production process, including rehearsals and production meetings, working closely with the Director, Dramaturg, and Education Director. Primary responsibilities for the DI include providing dramaturgical production research and contextual information for the lobby display.

For more information and for application deadlines, please contact Kamesha Jackson.

Phone: 651.224.4601 ext. 230
FAX: 651.224.7074

E-mail: KameshaJackson@PenumbraTheatre.org

Title: Artistic Fellowship (Dramaturgy)

Length of Fellowship: Semester long fellowships are available for artists and art administrators in directing, stage management, design, dramaturgy, production management, and marketing.

Requirement: for emerging artists (with BA or in graduate school)

Stipend: With a stipend of $5,000 and housing paid, Artistic and Administrative Fellows will regularly attend seminars and workshops with experts in various fields.

How to Apply: To apply for the program, you should include the following:

  • A cover letter stating the specific fellowship area that you are applying for.
  • A copy of your official college transcript
  • A copy of your current resume that includes all arts related experience. Sample promptbooks are needed for the stage management fellowship applicants
  • A two-page essay detailing your goals and potential contributions. This essay should focus on your personal goals for the program, what you believe to be your contribution to the theatre and your eventual career goals
  • Two letters on recommendation

Description of Fellowships: Penumbra Theatre Company, the nation’s premiere African American theatre company, presents our National Fellowship Program providing emerging artists with professional experience while making worthwhile contacts that serve their artistic needs and the field of black theatre.

Artistic Fellows (directors, stage managers, and dramaturgs) will fully participate in all stages of the production process as assistant to the director, assistant to the stage manager, assistant to the production manager, assistant to the designer or focus on dramaturgy. The Artistic Fellow will attend and actively participate in all rehearsals and production meetings.

Philadelphia Theatre Company, Philadelphia, PA

Title: Dramaturgy Internship
Deadline: Spring applications: October 1
Summer applications: April 1
Fall applications: April 1
Length of Internship: Full-time interns must commit to a minimum three-month period any time during the year. Production internships are available for the full season (August-July), or by individual production. Administrative internships must also commit to a minimum three-month period, but these internships are available year-round. Arrangements for part-time internships can be made.

Requirements: Interns who have already completed an undergraduate degree, as well as students who are willing to take the necessary time off from school are encouraged to apply. There are opportunities for potential interns at the high school level. Some experience in the area of specialty and some computer literacy is required.

Stipend: none.

How to Apply: Send application (download from internet), resume, cover letter, two written recommendations and a two-page letter of intent to:

Attn: PTC Internships / Philadelphia Theatre Company / 230 S. 15th Street, 4th Floor / Philadelphia, PA 19102


Description of Internship: The dramaturgy intern works closely with the PTC dramaturg on all aspects of production and rehearsal dramaturgy. This includes: textual interpretation, research, lobby displays and other related tasks. Additional duties would include: reading submitted scripts, log incoming and outgoing scripts, assist in correspondence and phone calls, and yes…xeroxing.

Title: Artistic/Dramaturgy Apprenticeships

Commitment and Compensation: Approximately 30 hours per week. Some evenings and weekends included. Full or partial season available. Minimum six-month commitment.

Requirements: PTC Apprenticeships are designed for recent college graduates or advanced undergraduates just entering the professional arena and require a minimum time commitment of six months. Candidates should have a degree or significant academic work in Theater with specific attention paid to playwriting, theater history and/or directing. Strong writing skills and computer literacy are necessary.

Stipend: Benefits are not available. College credit may be obtained

Description of Apprenticeship: Duties include: assist dramaturg in research for all plays; read and evaluate incoming scripts; catalog scripts; assist in correspondence with playwrights and agents; compile information/write articles for Playwise; assist in making arrangements for panel discussions; participate in Stages reading series; attend area theater productions; create dramaturgy displays for theater lobby.

The Playwright’s Center, Minneapolis, MN

Title: Dramaturgy
Deadline: May 1
Length of Internship: PlayLabs workshop—two weeks, July 7-21.

Requirements: Interns are usually MFA students in dramaturgy, directing, or playwriting. We do seriously consider intern candidates at the BA level of college IF they’re local. If you are an undergraduate in Minnesota, the Playwright’s Center has a few undergraduate volunteer/intern positions during PlayLabs, doing “labor” like airport transportation, photocopying, picking up donated food/beverages, cleaning up after group events, etc.

Stipend: None.

How to Apply: contact Kristen Grandrow / Director of Playwright Services / The Playwrights’ Center / 2301 Franklin Avenue East / Minneapolis, MN 55406

612-332-7481 x 21


Playwright’s Horizons, New York, NY

Title: Literary Management
Deadline: There is no formal deadline, but summer positions are usually filled by April and seasonal positions between May and July.

Length of Internship: SEASONAL or SUMMER. Seasonal internships typically begin in late August or early September and last until April or May. Summer internships are only available in Casting, Literary Management, Marketing, and Fundraising, since we are not in-production during those months.

Requirements: We look for people who have demonstrated a passion for working in the arts and who are at a point in their careers/education to strongly benefit from the experience we offer.

Stipend: Positions pay a $35 daily stipend that helps offset the basic costs of food and transportation. Other benefits include numerous free or deeply discounted tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters. Housing is the single biggest headache for all New Yorkers. Past interns have found affordable housing by staying with relatives or friends, finding a share, house-sitting, etc. Where there’s a will there’s a way. We offer advice as best we can. If you don’t have housing prospects already, you should be prepared to deal with it before committing to an internship.

How to Apply: please send your resume and cover letter to: Internship Coordinator / Playwrights Horizons / 630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 708 / New York NY 10036

FAX: (212) 594-0296

An internship is a big commitment, so on-site interviews are required and let you get to know us.

Description of Internship: The intern assists the Literary Manager and Assistant Literary Manager in evaluating and responding to script submissions, maintaining the playwright database, coordinating in-house readings, and scouting readings and productions. One position is offered. interns work 4-5 days per week during normal business hours. When involved with a show, production interns work the 6 day rehearsal/ performance schedule.

Portland Stage Company


Length of Internship: late August through May
Stipend: Housing and stipend provided
How to Apply: Please download the application (in Acrobat format), print it out and mail it to: Portland Stage Company / P O Box 1458 / Portland, ME 04104

Seattle Rep, Seattle, WA

Title: Artistic Department internship
Deadline: March 15
Length of Internship: The Seattle Repertory Internship Program should be regarded as a full-time commitment of at least 40 hours per week throughout our full season (September through May).
Requirements: none

Stipend: Additional employment is not always possible or practical. Housing and transportation are unfortunately not provided. Interns will receive a weekly stipend, however, this is not enough to fully cover living expenses in the Seattle area. Academic credit is up to the discretion of the intern’s college or university.

How to Apply: Send resume of related experience, a letter of intent including three desired internships, two letters of recommendation, and how you heard about the program.

Description of Internship: The Artistic Department internship provides an opportunity to understand the day-to-day life of a regional theatre artistic staff. The intern will participate in Seattle Rep’s ongoing artistic efforts, with emphasis on dramaturgy, literary management, and casting. Projects include reading and evaluating new plays, organizing auditions, dramaturgical research, administrative work, preparing rehearsal scripts, and assisting playwrights and directors in the rehearsal process. Advice from the supervisor: “This internship is a great opportunity for emerging dramaturgs, playwrights, and directors, and provides a valuable link between the academic and professional worlds.”

TADA! Theater, New York, NY

Title: Literary Assistant
Deadline: Applications for internships are accepted on a year-round basis.

Interns are expected to make a minimum commitment of three months of part-time service or one month of full-time service. Scheduling is flexible.

Requirements: High school students must be sponsored by a school or youth organization.

Earn Credits! College and graduate student interns can arrange to receive credit and may choose to complete a project in conjunction with their internship with the approval of TADA!’s management.

Stipend: TADA! does not provide housing, transportation or stipends for interns.

How to Apply: Applications should include a resume and a cover letter indicating your availability and interests.

15 West 28th Street, 3rd Floor / New York, NY 10001

(212) 252-1619
(212) 252-8763 fax

For more information or to apply, please e-mail tada@tadatheater.com

Description of Internship: TADA!’s internship program offers aspiring theater professionals a hands-on opportunity to learn about the operations of a youth theater. Interns gain valuable administrative, education, artistic and production skills in a professional and supportive environment

Theatre Building Chicago, Chicago, IL

Title: Production: script & score reading, participation in writers’ workshop.
Deadline: ongoing
Length of Internship: Full-time, 1 year commitment

Requirements: Graduate and undergraduate students and other persons with good basic liberal arts training; high motivation, positive attitude, ability to “multi-task.”

Stipend: Honorarium: $500 per month for 1 year’s commitment

Some summertime positions — $500 total for the summer

How to Apply: Send resume and cover letter to request application.

Theatre Building Chicago
1225 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657-3205

(773) 327-5252 Box Office
(773) 327-1404 Fax
Contact: Joan Mazzonelli
Executive Director
773-929-7367 x 221

Description of Internship: All internships contain a mix of administrative and production tasks with very limited performance opportunities

Under Milk Wood
Under Milk Wood

Trinity Repertory Company, Providence, RI

Title: Literary Management Internship
Deadline: June 1 (for Fall Season)
Length of Internship: Internships are full-time (10-month) positions, and interns are treated as members of the theater staff, with all the same responsibilities and expectations. In addition to these full-season internships, the Education Department at Trinity Rep may offer a limited number of short-term and part-time internships for high school and college students. These are unpaid, but may qualify for course credit.

Stipend: Trinity Rep provides interns with housing (furnished apartments within walking distance of the theater) and basic utilities, as well as a $75/week stipend. There may also be opportunities for interns to earn a small amount of overhire income at the theater. Interns may also be able to defer student loans during their term of employment.

How to Apply: Applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to the Education Department at Trinity Rep. Please include three references. (As these are highly competitive positions, applying early is strongly encouraged).

Description of Internship: Throughout the season, Trinity Rep sponsors an informal seminar series for the interns to meet staff members from all departments of the theater. These are opportunities for interns to make valuable contacts and learn more about the diversity of career paths open to them.

The literary intern performs or contributes to the following activities:

  • Read and write reviews of play scripts under consideration.
  • Meet with Literary Manager and other members of Artistic Department to discuss plays under consideration.
  • Recruit and supervise volunteer readers.
  • Correspond and/or talk with authors, agents, producers, and other contacts.
  • Maintain literary database, library, and files.
  • Write solicitations, rejections, and other correspondence.
  • Conduct research related to plays under consideration and plays in production.
  • Assist Literary Manager or other members of Artistic Department with special projects (e.g. casting calls, new play readings, dramaturgy, and other activities).
  • Offer and implement recommendations regarding literary processes.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

For more information about internships at Trinity Rep, contact Brian Ruggiero, Associate Education Director, at (401) 521-1100, ext. 255 or e-mail educ@trinityrep.com

Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

Title: Casting/Literary Management
Deadline: Interviews begin in February and are usually concluded by mid-June.
Length of Internship: All are full-time positions. The term of scholarships vary but may begin as early as August 2003 and end by June 2004.

Stipend: Apprentices receive a scholarship of $285. per week, individual HMO medical coverage, and free tuition to Theatre School classes.

How to Apply: Print out and mail online application along with a current photo and resume which details your job history and theater experience, and an essay that answers the following questions:

  • What are your short-term career goals?
  • What are your long-term career goals?
  • What do you hope to gain from this Apprentice program?
  • Do you have any special skills or expertise?
  • What other interests do you have? (hobbies, sports, etc.)

Williamstown Theatre Festival, New York, NY

Title: Literary Manager

Stipend: Interns are responsible for their own daily living expenses and pay $500 for Williams College housing. A few fellowships are available, and college credit may be arranged with your academic institution.

How to Apply: Please send resume and cover letter. Have two letters of recommendation sent directly to the following address.

Internships / Williamstown Theatre Festival / 229 West 42nd Street Suite 801 / New York, NY 10036-7299

phone: (212) 395-9090
fax: (212) 395-9099
e-mail: cakins@wtfestival.org

Wilma Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

*These programs are changing. Check with the Wilma directly for its newest information.

Title: The Wilma Internship Program
Deadlines and Length of Internship:
Fall (usually August - December) Deadline for applications: June 1
Winter/Spring (usually January - May) November 1
Summer (usually June - August) April 1

Typically, Interns make a long-term commitment of at least 12 hours per week for eight weeks. Residencies are shorter term, usually 4 to 6 weeks and the number of hours per week can vary. Academic credit can be arranged through your academic institution. At least one year of college is required for most Internships. Positions usually begin in August, January, and June but can be available year-round to accommodate differences in academic schedules. Please note that starting dates are flexible and can be worked around students’ academic schedules.

Stipend: Internships and Residencies are unpaid positions and no housing is provided.

How to Apply: To apply, please send your resume with a cover letter specifying the dates you are available and the position you are interested in obtaining to: Deborah Braak, Education Director, The Wilma Theater, 265 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107; 215.893.0895, e-mail: DLB@wilmatheater.org. No phone applications will be accepted.

Description of Internship: The Wilma Theater Internship and Residency program enables college students to explore career paths in the administrative side of the arts. We have Internships and Residencies available in our Literary, Marketing, Public Relations, Development, Special Events, and Education departments. Because the Wilma functions with a relatively small staff, Interns and Residents are valuable additions to our staff, and they are assured of both managing individual assignments and receiving individual attention from the department heads with whom they work.

Send Application Materials To: Deborah Braak, Education Director / The Wilma Theater / 265 S. Broad Street / Philadelphia, PA 19107
FAX: 215.893.0895
E-mail: DLB@wilmatheater.org

Women’s Project & Productions, New York, NY

Title: Literary Management Internship
Deadline: We accept interns throughout the year.
Length of Internship: We are flexible with hours.

Stipend: Although we cannot offer any financial compensation at this time, WPP offers interns the opportunity to work with theatre professionals, and many interns have gone on to join WPP’s permanent staff. We also offer tickets to all WPP productions, and interns frequently have access to complimentary tickets to many interesting NY readings, workshops, and productions.

How to Apply: To request a complete internship packet and application, send your name, mailing address, and phone number to Internship Coordinator Cory Hinkle at info@womensproject.org

Description of Internship: Interns may read and evaluate scripts, assist with readings, provide research for productions as needed, assist with Playwrights Lab, and related projects as assigned.