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Academic Requirements

See the full listing of drama courses in the Course Catalog.

A total of ten courses are required for the major in drama. Each student must complete Drama 211, 221, and 231. It is suggested that these courses be completed by the end of the sophomore year. Of the seven remaining courses, at least four must be elected from those courses that form the history/theory component of the curriculum (courses listed in the catalog with a Theater and Drama prefix and selected special topic courses). In the spring of the junior year all majors are required to take the Junior Seminar. In addition to the course requirements, majors are expected to take an active role in co-curricular activities of the department by attending two works calls per faculty show, all faculty strikes, two thesis strikes per semester, one thesis work call per semester and ushering six times per year.

The minor program in drama shall consist of a minimum of seven courses plus participation in an approved capacity in co-curricular productions during the student’s junior and senior years. The student will be required to take DRA 211, 221, 231 (or 331) plus four additional courses, two of which must be from the following: DRA 201, 202, 203, 304, 305, 306, 307.

Senior Capstone Experience

A student may satisfy the Senior Capstone Experience in drama in one of three ways: a production thesis in directing, performance, dramaturgy or design; a playwriting thesis in which the student writes a play that is presented in either a staged (rehearsed) reading or in full production; or a traditional research thesis in the areas of theatrical criticism, theory, or history.


Students electing drama as part of their fine arts distribution requirement may choose any course other than DRA 105 or DRA 200.