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We do plays.

Washington College drama students play many different characters and many different roles behind-the-scenes, while learning about the theatrical arts and about themselves. As a drama major, you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of acting, directing, and production, explore the history of theater, and learn to act and think imaginatively.

Whatever your interests, there is something for you in WAC Drama. Drama majors can write a script, perform, direct, stage manage, or design a show to complete their senior capstone. Courses in history, acting, directing, design and dramaturgy prepare our students for internships in cities such as Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., graduate work, and careers in the theater and many other fields.

In Fall 2009, the renovated Gibson Center for the Arts became the centerpiece of the drama department, providing a state-of-the-art environment for performers, technicians, and audiences.

All performances begin at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. 

For ticket reservations call 410-778-7835 or e-mail drama_tickets@washcoll.edu.


Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind by the Neo-Futurists

March 3-5 in Tawes Theatre

Directed by Professor Dale Daigle

Set and Costumes designed by Professor Emeritus Jason Rubin

Lighting designed by Professor Laura Eckelman


Next to Normal with book and lyrics by Brian Yorkey and music by Tom Kitt

March 20-21 in Tawes Theatre

A Senior Directing Thesis by Amanda Varvar

**Become an Honorary Producer for this production by entering #iheartWCDrama_normal into the secure online gift form**


Red by John Logan

April 3-4 in Decker Theatre

A Senior Directing Thesis by Austin Lewis

**Become an Honorary Producer for this production by entering #iheartWCDrama_red into the secure online gift form** 


Henry V by William Shakespeare

April 10-11 Outdoors

A Senior Directing Thesis by Nicholas O’Meally

**Become an Honorary Producer for this production by entering #iheartWCDrama_henryV into the secure online gift form** 


Venus in Fur by David Ives

April 17-18, April 24 in Gibson Center for the Arts – Rehearsal Room

A Senior Directing Thesis by Mackenzie Turnbull

**Become an Honorary Producerfor this production by entering #iheartWCDrama_venus into the secure online gift form**


  • Fall 2014 Productions

    Old Times by Harold Pinter

    October 2 & 3 @ 7:30 PM

    October 4 @ 2:00 PM & 7:30 PM

    October 5 @ 2:00 PM 

    In Tawes Theatre

    Directed by Professor Brendon Fox

    How well can you trust your significant other? Your best friend? Your own memory of the past? Kate and Deeley’s marriage is on shaky ground, and when Kate’s glamorous best friend Anna shows up the liquor flows and secrets of their past get revealed. Old Times shows us the sexy, mysterious tug-of-war between husband and best friend for the body and soul of Kate.


    The Bacchae 2.1  by Charles L. Mee

    October 17 @ 11:59 PM
    October 18 @ 12:00 PM & 11:59 PM

    outside the Casey Swim Center 

    A Senior Directing Thesis by Patrick Derrickson

    The Bacchae 2.1by Chuck Mee —an updated version of The Bacchae by Euripides—is a steamy, visceral spectacle respite with drag queens, drag kings, girls rubbing each other with oil, and men discussing domination. Watch the heterosexual climax of the play featuring a mother and son with one ending up dead! Talk about bloodcurdling…  

    Honorary Producer:  former First Lady Elisabeth Reiss


    Middletown by Will Eno

    October 24-25 in Tawes Theatre

    A Senior Directing Thesis by Rachel Dilliplane

    Award winning playwright Will Eno welcomes you to Middletown. This wry, contemplative comedy follows the newly wed, newly pregnant, and newly arrived Mrs. Swanson as she navigates a town of contradictory caricatures who are desperately searching for their purpose in life while simultaneously enduring the burden and joy of living it. Come join the discussion, celebration, and question of Life. Fun for the whole family, or, you know, folks who like that sort of thing.  

    **Become an Honorary Producer for this production by entering #iheartWCDrama_middletown into the secure online gift form**


    The Lucky Ladies (someday you will be loved) by Dominic Finocchiaro

    November 7-8 in Tawes Theatre

    A Senior Directing Thesis by Matt Ridge

    When the crew of a hit reality dating show neglects to show up one day, the four women contestants are left wondering where the crew has disappeared to and more importantly if they’re still being watched. Combining the fun and charm of a comedy with all the elements of a gory horror story, The Lucky Ladies (someday you will be loved) is a new play that tells the story of four women who will do anything to make sure they are seen by the world, seen by a lover, and seen by God.


    **Become an Honorary Producer for this production by entering #iheartWCDrama_ladies into the secure online gift form** 


    The Man Who Turned Into a Stick by Kobo Abe

    November 14-15 in Tawes Theatre

    A Senior Directing Thesis by Tamayo Kamimura

    Japanese writer Kobo Abe’s trio of short plays, presented under one title, The Man Who Turned Himself Into a Stick, examines the tensions between our lives and our stuffs – and what happens when the two collide as we try to live our lives to the fullest.  Philosophy, whimsy and despair all play a role in helping the characters – and us – figure it all out.

    **Become an Honorary Producer for this production by entering #iheartWCDrama_stick into the secure online gift form** 


    The Beauteous Majesty of Denmark by Val Dunn from William Shakespeare

    November 21-22 in Tawes Theatre

    A Senior Directing Thesis by Val Dunn

    An irreverent and wild adaptation of William Shakespeare’s HamletThe Beauteous Majesty of Denmark manipulates the Bard’s seemingly archaic language to reveal the prevalence of misogyny in today’s society. As Ophelia struggles to escape her lover’s aggression and her father’s condescension, her society demands that she remain submissive. Rather than succumb to favor and to prettiness, however, Ophelia gains agency as she embarks into what her society considers madness - a landscape of dead flowers, folk songs, Barbie Dolls, and uncomfortable tampons. Amid a barrage of the Elizabethan and the contemporary, The Beauteous Majesty of Denmark considers that what Ophelia’s society perceives as madness may simply be a woman who dares to speak her mind. 

    Honorary Producers: Tamanya Garza ’02 and Matt Biringer ’05





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    Seniors Rachel Dilliplane, Val Dunn and Tamayo Kamimura share this year’s Mary Martin Prize for their accomplishments in Drama. Established by her grandson, Matt Weir ’90, the Mary Martin Program in the Performing Arts enhances theater education on campus.
  • Image preview
    Senior Mary Martin winner Valerie Dunn writes and directs an adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ in the final production of the Fall 2014 Drama season.
  • Image preview
    Mary Martin winner Tamayo Kamimura directs Kobo Abe’s trio of short plays.