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Academic Requirements

The Dance Minor

The Minor Program in Dance shares a performing arts philosophy that courses in theory and history must be integrated with courses and experience in performance. Consequently, the study of dance within the context of a liberal arts education is designed as an important ingredient in the development of students for whom rigorous intellectual and artistic inquiry are inextricably linked. Critical thinking, creative imagination, intellectual and artistic collaboration, and development of aesthetic awareness and communication skills are integral components of the Dance Program. The balance of creative, cognitive, and kinesthetic courses locate the program firmly within the liberal arts tradition.

The Dance Program encourages students to indulge their passion for dance by combining a minor in dance with any of the major programs offered by the College or to incorporate dance into a interdisciplinary major of the student’s own design. Within the dance minor the student will have the opportunity to develop and configure a personal program, matching that student’s academic interests and goals with the requirements of the minor and the College. The Dance Minor offers coursework in dance technique, choreography, history and theory, production and performance. Course offerings strive to create an atmosphere of cooperative learning, group process, and camaraderie within a wide variety of dance traditions. The courses in the dance minor are designed to give the student an in-depth understanding of the art of dance and choreography, the field of dance scholarship, the science of mind/body integration, teaching skills, the craft of performance, and the management and problem solving skills necessary to produce creative work. The distribution of required courses in the minor program provides the student with an introduction to dance composition, history, technique, and theory and allows each student to direct study in the minor toward a specific area of interest.  All students in the program will be encouraged to participate in technique and repertory classes each semester.

Dance Minor Requirements/Courses

Dance History, Dance Production & Performance, Dance Composition, and a minimum of three technique classes are required for the minor. A variety of electives is available to complete the minor requirement of 24 credits.

Category 1: History/Theory/production (10 credits minimum)
  • DAN 203. Dance History I: Cultural Perspectives in Dance  (4 credits) or
  • DAN 204. Dance History II: Classical & Theatrical Dancing  (4 credits) and
  • DAN 233. Dance Composition (4 credits)
  • DAN 310. Dance Production (4 credits) 
Category 2: Dance Technique Classes & Body Science (10 credits minimum, preferably over 3 semesters)
  • DAN 113. Ballet I: Beginning Ballet
  • DAN 213. Ballet II: Intermediate Ballet
  • DAN 313. Ballet III: Advanced Ballet (required)
  • DAN 227. Modern Dance I
  • DAN 228. Modern Dance II (required)
  • DAN 233. Dance Composition
  • DAN 203. Dance History I: Cultural Perspectives in Dance
  • DAN 204. Dance History II: Classical And Theatrical Dancing
  • DAN 106. Jazz and Musical Theater Dance
  • PED 079. Ballroom Dance
  • PED 019. Pilates Mat
  • PED 025. Hatha Yoga