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Communication and Media Studies

The Communication and Media Studies major focuses on communicative practices and media technologies and raises the kinds of questions that push liberally educated people to interrogate their own knowledge, question accepted wisdom, and develop deeper analytical insight.

Communication and  Media Studies contributes to the intellectual emancipation of its majors by practicing the values of liberal learning: analytical thought, clear communication, aesthetic insight, ethical sensitivity, and civic responsibility. The major builds upon a foundation of communication theory and draws from multiple disciplines to enable students to study a wide range of communication and media studies topics and develop the quantitative, qualitative and interpretive skills necessary to engage in original research. 

To major in Communication and Media Studies students must take CMS 194 (Introduction to Communication & Media Studies), CMS 294 (Intermediate Communication & Media Theory), and CMS 394 (Research Methods in Communication & Media Studies)  In addition, CMS majors select one of three concentration sequences, specializing in 1) Arts & Production, 2) Business/Organization Communication, or 3) a Social Science emphasis on Communication and Media Studies. (CMS majors will conclude their program of study with a Senior Capstone Experience.