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We think chemists have all the solutions.

Our chemistry program integrates classroom instruction with laboratory experimentation and faculty-student collaborative research.

One ongoing project involves developing a new method of indenoannulation, which is the process used to synthesize organic molecules that could be used in solar cells. The goal is to define a more viable and efficient source of alternative energy using solar power.

As a chemistry major, you can engage in research activities during the academic year and conduct stipend-bearing research during the summer.  You might choose to investigate topics in green chemistry, environmental chemistry, inorganic chemistry, or biochemistry.

Recent Stories

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    Chemistry major Michael Giroux ’14 begins a PhD program in chemical engineering at Johns Hopkins University this fall.
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    Professor Anne Marteel-Parrish’s new textbook on green chemistry offers a revolutionary new approach to teaching introductory chemistry.
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    When she volunteered to help commission the College’s new MASS Spec lab, Sarah Winters ’14 had no idea it would lead to a summer research fellowship and a trip to an international conference in San Francisco.

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